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Neo Geo 6 3.2
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Combined User Score 6 3.2

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Neo Geo1UP! (May 01, 2009)
Treizième jeu de la Neo Geo, Sengoku Densho demeure une oeuvre impressionnante, puissante, où les évènements s'enchaînent, variés et originaux. Il est bien plus séduisant qu'un Ninja Combat ou qu'un Burning Fight grâce à son ambiance unique de fantômes japonais et sa multiplicité de pouvoirs. SNK continuait d'expérimenter avec leur machine et la réalisation est un pas en avant par rapport aux productions précédentes: les zooms et les voix digitalisées s'intègrent plus subtilement, les sprites sont larges et nombreux au point de "clignoter" (ils disparaissent pour être exact). En dépit de sa jouabilité primitive, de ses couleurs un peu trop voyantes, il faudrait être bien difficile pour ne pas tomber sous le charme oriental de sa violence fleurie.
This game reeks of quality and it's a joy to play. The only question you have to ask is whether you can afford over a hundred quid for one game. If you're a kung-fu fisties fan with oodles of cash you won't go far wrong with this.
Neo GeoPower Unlimited (Sep, 1993)
Een knokspel van de bovenste plank, zelfs voor mensen die helemaal niet zulke vechtersbazen zijn. Het spel geeft je een echt knokgevoel, mede dankzij de geweldige geluiden en beelden.
Neo GeoMegablast (1993)
Die Steuerung geht völlig problemlos von der Hand, womit wir uns allmählich dem entscheidenden Vorzug von Sengoku 2 nähern: Ihre ausgezeichnete Spielbarkeit hebt diese Prügelorgie gut sichtbar aus der Masse allgemein üblicher Dumpfkloppereien heraus! So martialisch das Gameplay ist, man wird hier keine unfaire Stelle finden, wodurch selbst Anfänger nicht ewig lang bis zum finalen Obermotz brauchen. Trotzdem liegt die Motivation nach dem ersten Durchmarsch noch lange nicht am Boden, denn auch eine Wiederholung der Zeitreise mit dem nächsthöheren Schwierigkeitsgrad bringt noch viel Freude ins Heldenleben. Und somit ist dieses Game als große Schlachtplatte ebenso schmackhaft wie für die kleine Prügelei zwischendurch!
WiiNintendo Life (May 02, 2013)
Sengoku might not have quite the gameplay depth of some more recent beat 'em ups, but it does offer up a unique experience that fans of the genre should enjoy. The transformations offer a solid level of variety and the sometimes spooky atmosphere helps it stand out from the crowd. A little more control over the various attacks would have been nice, but if you're just looking for a fun, solid brawling experience, you should find plenty to like about Sengoku.
SEGA CDHonestGamers (Aug 20, 2012)
The 4-megabit Golden Axe proved that the Genesis could bring the two-player arcade spirit home. The 16-megabit Streets of Rage 2 tried its damnedest to surpass something great. The umpteen-megabit Sengoku Denshou aspired to be like something mediocre. It couldn't even meet that low standard.
SEGA (Jan 29, 2007)
Mediocre sound and graphics, frequent loading times, and no multi-player option really affects this version of Sengoku Densyo big time. With so many flaws, it's sad to see a great arcade game being destroyed by seemingly inexperienced programmers. This shows once again that even porting a great game onto the CD-ROM format doesn't guarantee arcade-perfect gameplay. This rendition is actually an uncommon game in Japan and goes for around $30-$50, but you should spend your money on something much better. If you must own every single Japanese Mega CD software ever made, then buy it; however, if you're a regular gamer who just wanted to play something other than FMV games or RPGs, stay far away. Sengoku Densyo should be played only on a Neo Geo system where it belongs, end of discussion.
Neo GeoConsoles Plus (Sep, 1991)
Sengoku me rassure un peu : il est la preuve manifeste qu'il n'y a pas que des merveilles sur la Neo Geo. Il ne suffit pas de programmer sur la "Rolls des consoles" pour réaliser des hits !
Neo GeoThe Video Game Critic (Oct 16, 2002)
The game is loaded with power-up orbs that provide each fighter with unique special attacks like weapons and fireballs. I especially like how the dog can spits out tiny dogs that chomp on the enemies' legs. For the first few minutes of play, I thought Sengoku was awesome. I couldn't get enough of all that kicking, punching, and slashing action. But you can only fight the same thugs so many times, and my wrist starting hurting from continuously tapping the attack button! I suppose the real culprit is the unlimited continues - always a bad idea in this kind of game. It effectively removes any sense of challenge and tension, and they're awfully hard to resist. Sengoku had two sequels. This one's a wild ride, but you'll probably get sick like I did.