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Serious Sam: Next Encounter

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PlayStation 2

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www.take2games.com.au - PlayStation 2:
    Serious Sam gets called into action for the first time on GameCube and PlayStation 2!

    An abandoned mothership of Sirian origin is sending strange signals from the past, and there’s only one man with the guns big enough to investigate – Sam “Serious” Stone. If Mental’s forces beat Sam to this powerful time-traveling artifact, it’s last call for humanity!

    This is serious. Word to the mothership.

    • Over 40 vibrant levels spread across three time periods: Ancient Rome, Feudal China, and Legendary Atlantis.
    • A new arsenal of weapons, plus the return of some old favorites. 12 weapons for Sam to choose from in all.
    • A horde of new, time period specific enemies for Sam to destroy!
    • For the first time ever, put Sam behind the wheel of three serious vehicles: the Serious Jeep, the Serious Sub, and the Serious Combine!
    • String kills together to activate a Super Combo Killing Spree. Sam scores higher and moves faster as the body count stacks up.
    • A new scoring system encourages players to get high scores and earn Gold Medals. Collecting Medals allows players to unlock hidden levels, new features, cheats, and more!
    • Two-player cooperative mode allows friends to play through the whole adventure together.
    • Play multiplayer deathmatch games via splitscreen or online (PlayStation 2 version only). Up to 8 players can take part in the online insanity!


    Available Now
    from Global Star Software for PlayStation®2 Worldwide.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66094) on Feb 06, 2005.


    For the first Serious Sam game on PlayStation 2, Global Star has stuck with the same format that made the PC original so popular - crazy humour, incredibly intense gun battles, and a low price. These great ingredients once again provide a tasty recipe in the shape of Next Encounter.


    Serious Sam is a gun-mad beefcake, cut from the same cloth as Duke Nukem. His world is one full of enormous weaponry, meaning that huge rocket launchers and cannons mix with shotguns, lasers and the like. They're not just for show either, as Sam is beset from all sides by crowds of flying green spheroids with fangs, weird laser-firing ostrich-esque robots and nappy-wearing hyenas. And that's just for starters.

    The pace is as manic as it's possible to get, as you cut a swathe through the hordes in garish surroundings. Then, when you've got the hang of the action offline, you can take your skills online to face off against fellow Sam-lovers around Europe.

    If you're after something a bit different or just want to test your reactions in one of the most intense shooters available for PlayStation 2, this is the game for you!


  • Crazy humour and intense combat collide in the first Serious Sam game for PS2

  • Huge array of madcap enemies, and a massive arsenal to destroy them with

  • Take the battle online using a Network Adaptor

    Contributed by Xoleras (66094) on Feb 01, 2005.

www.take2.de - PlayStation 2/GameCube:
    Superheld Serious Sam gibt sein actionreiches Debüt auf der PlayStation 2 und dem GameCube!

    Ein verlassenes Sirianisches Mutterschiff sendet merkwürdige Signale aus der Vergangenheit... Und es gibt nur einen Mann, der schlagkräftig genug ist, um sich dieser Gefahr zu stellen – Sam "Serious" Stone. Wenn Mentals Armee Sam zu dieser unglaublichen Zeitreise zwingt, dann hat die letzte Stunde der Menschheit geschlagen!

    Kämpfen Sie in Serious Sam - Next Encounter gegen gewaltige Monsterhorden. Erleben Sie ein Action-Feuerwerk ohne gleichen!


    Über 40 fantasievolle Levels die sich auf drei Zeitperioden aufteilen: Das Antike Rom, das feudale China und das legendäre Atlantis. Sam verfügt über 12 Waffen aus einem brandneuen Waffenarsenal sowie dem „Best Of“ der Vorgänger. Riesige Massen an neuen Gegnern – angepasst an die jeweilige Zeitperiode. Zum aller ersten Mal darf Sam sich hinter das Steuer dreier cooler Fahrzeuge klemmen: den "Serious Jeep", das "Serious Sub" und den "Serious Mähdrescher". Ein neues Punktesystem spornt den Spieler dazu an, durch möglichst hohe Punktezahlen "Gold- Medaillen" zu erlangen. Mit diesen kann man Geheimlevels, neue Features, Cheats und vieles mehr frei schalten. Dank dem Kooperativen 2-Spieler-Modus können Freunde das Spiel gemeinsam von Anfang bis Ende durchspielen. Im Mehrspieler-Deathmatch können sich bis zu 8 Spieler via Splitscreen oder online (nur für PlayStation 2) bekriegen bis die Rohre glühen.


    Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren gemäß § 14 JuSchG.

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    29.95 €

    Erhältlich von
    Global Star Software für PlayStation 2.
    Global Star Software für Game Cube.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66094) on Feb 01, 2005.