Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries (Demo Version) Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu screen.
Playing as the Zulu.
A Zulu army on the march.
The step-by step training covers all important aspects of game play.
Attacking a neutral city. This is going to have a negative effect on the player kingdom's reputation.
In the tutorial scenario, the player starts with a single Norman village.
A spy works best if he belongs to the same nation as the population of the city he's been planted in.
Single-player scenario selection.
In-game options screen.
The diplomacy system in the game allows for various types of interaction with other empires.
A market, a harbour and a galleon is all you need to engage in overseas trade.
Attacking the Mayan kingdom.
The Mayan king hurries back to the capital to repel the Zulu attackers.
In the resulting disarray, the Mayan population rebelled against their king.
In case of a multi-national city, you will need several spies of corresponding nationalities to convince the population to join your empire.
Small transport ships are used to quickly move units across large bodies of water.
An all-out war between two computer-controlled kingdoms.
The Unicorn is a new type of war machine that was added in Ancient Adversaries.
Settling spies in friendly cities is needed to root out enemy spies and prevent sabotage.