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Shadow of the Beast

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Amstrad CPC
TurboGrafx CD
ZX Spectrum

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Lynx Manual Intro:

    Long ago, the Beast Lord conquered the world and banished all light. A mysterious child was born into this darkness. The Beast Lord's warrior priests knew of the birth and warned the evil king that this child would someday destroy the Beast Lord and return light to the world. In terror, the Beast Lord ordered the child captured and transformed him into a demon of darkness. But when he reached maturity, the demon learned the with of his past and set out to destroy the Beast Lord and all his wicked minions. To succeed, the demon must go deep within the Beast Lord's kingdom, into the very Shadow of the Beast!

    Contributed by Jeanne (75620) on Aug 07, 2003.

Back Cover - Lynx:
    After all the years of torture and waiting, the time has finally come! Now you must go deepwithin the Beast Lord's dark kingdom and do battle hand-to-hand. Only you can restore the world to light and exact your personal revenge!

    Contributed by Jeanne (75620) on Aug 07, 2003.

Back Cover - Genesis European version:
    Battle your way through 13 levels of challenging action
    Defeat over 100 huge, animated monsters
    8 Mega of Ultra-compressed memory

    Contributed by Jeanne (75620) on Aug 07, 2003.