Shadow Tower Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Attract cinema. CG representation of what you'll shortly be doing.
The shadow tower, seen in the game intro.
Title screen.
Mind the slime.
Objects lie around for the taking.
Collected objects are "held" in front of you before going into the inventory.
What would a crypt be without a spider?
Menu screen.
New areas are introduced.
Equip menu. Items quickly degrade with use.
Exploring with a torch active.
These things breathe toxic gas.
Damage done with each strike is shown in the lower left corner.
Found a key on this poor guy.
Featureless floors are fairly frequent.
Store interface.
Inside the Shadow Tower, linking the various worlds.
The red X means some of our equipment is about to break.
Save stone.
Floors can project up for small hills, and also down for pits.
Auto-updating monster journal.
Bats in the graveyard.
Lets keep whatever that is locked up.
Jagged walls in this passageway.
This thing leeches your health if you stick around.
Hello, bone guy.