Official Cheat CodesContributed by Xantheous (1300) on Sep 11, 2000.

To activate these cheat codes, type "T" during game play, and then enter the code.

SWCHAN - God Mode
SWGIMME - Gives all Inventory Items
SWTREKxx - Level Warp where xx is the level number. Example: SWTREK02 goes to level 2.  
SWGHOST - No Clipping On/Off  
SWMAP - Full Map On/Off  
SWLOC - Displays Frame Rate. Use a second time, shows location in level.  
SWRES - Changes Screen Resolution  
SWGREED - Turns on God Mode, gives all items & ammo  
WINPACHINKO - Makes it so that you win at the Pachinko machines every time.  
SWSTART - Restarts current Level  
SWQUIT - Quits Game  
SWTRIX - "Bunny Rocket" Mode  
SWNAME - During a multi-player game, lets you change your name.  
DUMPSOUNDS - Development Only - Dumps sound listing to a file.  
SOUNDxxx - Development Only - Plays Sound number xxx

(Source: 3D Realms Official Website:

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