Level 7 & 8 Secrets RevealedContributed by MajorDad (536) on Oct 11, 2000.

Level 7 - Hara-Kiri Harbor (5 secrets)

1. Neat boat with a red "lantern" on it. STAND on the boat or to be precise stand ON the red "lantern" and JUMP onto the ledge. Get missiles, etc.

2. Far edge of large lake (hole in wall). Just walk up to it on water! Who needs a boat! The entrance to this chamber is facing EAST. Get sticky bombs, nuke, etc.

3. Far edge of large lake (under/through waterfall). Its along the same edge of the cliff as secret #2. Get grenade shells, etc.

4. Wall west of "house with red key". BLOW up crack in wall. Get sticky bombs, caltrops, uzi, etc.

5. This is in the centre of your map. South of the (door with yellow/gold key). BLOW open crack. Get uzi, missiles, rail gun rods, gas bomb, etc.

Non-secret things to note:

The fence behind the "wooden house" has got ammo as well as a fortune cookie tucked in one corner. Its along the same "wall" as the one with little green "lanterns" on it. This just a garden inside with a few trees and light green grass.

Level 8 - Zilla's Villa (6 secrets)

1. South of platform infront of water with blue banner. BLOW up crack in wall. Get guardian head.

2. In front of "door with bronze key" STAND on statue's head (standing on its base does nothing), column comes down. Get cookie, ammo, etc.

3. SHOOT gong with "ying yang" symbol on floor. Wall panel opens behind.

4. Picture on left (facing North) of big fireplace. JUMP IN! "...you fill my touch....jump! if you want to get.." "WAHH, you don't like music?"

5. Room (facing North) of big fireplace. USE "old shield". red panel opens. Get cookie, etc.

6. Through "door with silver key", GO through painting. (talk about abstract art!)

Non-secret things to note:

Please note that in this level, there are 2 "fireplaces" at least that's what they look like. I differentiated between the two by calling one "big fireplace" and "dragon fireplace". The "dragon fireplace" is the one with the dragon picture over it. This fireplace is no wider than you (Lo Wang) and HAS...get this.... a ladder, YES I said ladder INSIDE which you need to know in order to solve the level, so I am telling you now. Walk in and turn around and look up. JUMP and run against ladder to go up. You need to climb ladders like this most of the time so stay alert. The "big fireplace" is much wider and hence I called it "big". Don't mix up the two. Next to the "dragon fireplace", USE "old shield". Bookcase slides open. Get rail rods. Gong next to well will reveal a ripper heart when hit. I assume you know which one is the well, you know the hollow circular stone cylinder that's stuck in the ground holding water. (check the dictionary! Just kidding!) Oh yes, you DO know that if your health is currently less than 100 then you can PUNCH the mannequin or wooden thingy (you know the wooden pole with smaller rods sticking out that Bruce Lee sometimes strikes, also seen in kick boxer and karate kid) in a dojo to raise it to 100 if your health is currently greater then you can PUNCH the same things to raise it to 200! But you knew that didn't you!! But in this PARTICULAR dojo, you can JUMP ON the mannequin and JUMP up to get the kevlar armour suspended above.

(Source: http://www.pcgameworld.com/ Website)

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