Level 9 & 10 Secrets RevealedContributed by MajorDad (536) on Oct 11, 2000.

Level 9 - Monastery (5 secrets)

1. First painting on the left (2 horsemen). JUMP into painting.

2. Crack in wall facing West. When you are standing in front of it there should be a "bridge" above you that enemies were shoot at you before. This secret doesn't have much of a landmark but there not that many cracks found in this level.

3. This one is near the centre of your map. Its next to a statue. BLOW open this crack. Get rail gun.

4. "Door with gold key". Through this door, USE the painting of the "Archer" (Japanese guy holding a bow in his hand).

5. Before the "level end symbol", on its right, BLOW up crack. Get uzi and flashbomb.

Non-secret things to note:

When you start this level don't freak out when you see the slicing thing infront of you. It can only kill you! Hey...wait a minute...that's not good ..hence avoid idling near it.

If you stand on the "safe" side of the slicing thing, (if you don't know where that is then its sad) you will notice one of the paintings across the room is of a guy wearing a green "kimono"-a kind of Japanese robe (you know, its a pretty standard picture that you've seen before.) Now, opposite that, (the side that you are hopefully standing on), is a secret "door". Open (USE) it and go behind the waterfall and get the red key. Gong in this level opens 2 panels, get some ammo. The seemingly redundant pillars with shurikens stuck to them have a purpose. They are there so that you can reach the armour suspended in the middle. What you do is JUMP onto the shurikens, yes, OUCH! Not my Reeboks! then JUMP in the middle to get the kevlar armour. sewer tunnels. The Northeast corner no doubt does not have a "crack", it also didn't do anything to you but BLOW IT TO PIECES!! Get rail rods.

Level 10 - Raider of the Lost Wang (6 secrets)

1. This is near the centre of your map. Facing East you should be able to find a ripper's "cave" halfway up a "tree trunk". The reason why I call it a ripper's cave is because a ripper came out of it and attacked me. (Note this fact may vary, but I'm still calling it a ripper's cave, so there!)

2. If you see this hall with 6 alcoves and a pillar in the centre, the centre alcove (North of central pillar) can be opened. USE it and get a grenade launcher.

3. West of secret #1. Up a slope. BLOW up crack (IMPORTANT: make sure you are far away from it when it blows because the ceiling will come down on you.

4. After throwing a switch, Lo Wang will say, "something filing up, or dinosaur taking a piss.", go back to where you saw a hole in the ground with crate with a medikit on top of it. Dive in and swim under towards the North. Get missiles, riot gun, cookie.

5. GO to "Large door with bronze key" with water next to it. JUMP onto half pillar on left. Panel opens, JUMP in. Get teleported.

6. **SECRET LEVEL SYMBOL** (Goes to Level 21 - Shanghai Shipwreck)

Step 1: GO through "door With gold key", face picture (North), turn left (West) and SQUAT, hit button. Its just next to the stairs. The difficulty in finding the switch is that its not noticeable but once you stumble on it you will know of the secret level and then your blood pressure will shoot up when you find that it is blocked so go to step 2 before you pass out.

Step 2: GO to normal level end symbol. Follow shadow of pink tree. To the right is a bunch of vines. Climb these vines, Get head, heat seeker card AND MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS!! HIT THE SWITCH AT THE END. This opens the grills blocking the secret level symbol (Goes to Level 21 - Shanghai Shipwreck).

Non-secret things to note: Go behind shredding thing, (If you dare!) Hit Button. This creates waterfalls behind you. JUMP in, GO up tube, CLIMB ladder. GO across and CLIMB down or fall down other side, get gold key, etc. In room with 2 waterfalls, both waterfalls can be entered (SINK in). Get armour.

Level Secrets Revealed:

Level 21 - Shanghai Shipwreck (5 secrets) **SECRET LEVEL**

1. Inside "door with red key". USE switch over firepit, "Snake Face" wall opens. Get armour.

2. Where the waterfall and lava meet. (a place where water from a waterfall touches some lava. JUMP on "stairs" leading up to left of waterfall. Get missile launcher.

3. Ladder leading to a single cookie. keep on GOing forward through the wall. Get rail gun, gas bomb, etc.

4. Gong in Semi-circular corridor room opens chamber a top (centre of top corridor, directly opposite gong). Get missile, riot gun, kevlar armour.

5. This is in the centre of your map. When in tree with switch inside, with roots in water. Face due West and JUMP. Get ripper heart and shotshells.

Non-secret things to note:

In final stage, although there are 3 level end symbols, only the rightmost (facing South) one is the correct one the rest will release guardians on you.

(Source: http://www.pcgameworld.com/ Website)

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