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Good game, but the boat had already sailed DOS Maw (884)
Wang Bang! A surprisingly fun game despite outdated technology. DOS Trixter (9128)
Lo Wang is not the best FPS character around these days DOS Katakis | カタキス (39520)
Who wanted some wang? (The japanese Duke Nukem) DOS Depth Lord (1003)
Do not play this game. DOS Mr. Hapton (14)

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DOS 57 4.0
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Windows 6 4.3
Combined User Score 63 4.0

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DOSGamePro (US) (Nov, 1997)
Shadow Warrior has a lot in common with Duke and that's a good thing. It's enhanced by a high difficulty level, a great audio soundtrack and ambient music and environments you can really believe exist (if it wasn't for the rabid gorillas). The bottom line is fun and Shadow Warrior serves it up in abundance.
DOSGamezilla (Jan 24, 2001)
Shadow Warrior may not be the most original game on the market today, but the combination of Lo Wang's antics and quips with the fantastic level design have made this one a favorite around our offices. This game is simply fun to play -- there are other games that look better, but no other 3D shooter surpasses the mix of weapons, outstanding sound and creative gameplay that make Shadow Warrior both an engrossing single-player game and a laugh-your-head-off multiplayer riot.
DOSThe DOS Spirit (Dec 07, 2007)
Etter å ha spilt dette utrolige spillet, er det kun historien som kommer til kort. Historien skjønner du ikke noe av hvis du ikke har lest det. Men uansett synes jeg spillet leverer, og skaper mange situasjoner som du må skyte eller sprenge deg ut av, og holder derfor spenningen oppe. Jeg anbefaler at dere henter ned spillet, og spiller dere igjennom shareware episoden, og er ikke dette nok kan dere kjøpe spillet for 10 dollar på hjemmesiden til utvikleren.
DOSPC Jeux (Jun, 1997)
Avec un build engine amélioré, Shadow Warrior ravira les fans de Duke. Comme toujours chez 3D Realms, humour rime avec souci du détail. [...] Dans le genre défoulement en 3D, une petite merveille.
DOSPelit (Sep, 1997)
Lo Wang on mestarininja, ollut jo kaksi vuosikymmentä. Varjosoturi, lajinsa valio. Nyt Wang tappaa kaikki.
DOSPC Jeux (Oct, 1997)
Un doom-like de plus ? Shadow Warrior se démarque largement des autres titres du genre grâce à ses fonctionnalités diverses.
80 (Oct 06, 2013)
Oczywiście nie czarujmy się – oprawa graficzna na współczesnych monitorach wygląda tak sobie, a na dodatek trzeba sporej wyobraźni, by popierdujące dźwięki z głośnika uznać za wystrzały. Tylko co z tego? Niewymuszony humor produkcji 3D Realms broni się bez większego problemu nawet po tylu latach, a i sama rozgrywka – z całym tym znajdowaniem kluczy i ukrytych przejść – stanowi na swój sposób powiew świeżości.
80 (Oct 14, 2011)
Il faut bien avouer que l'on s'amuse bien sur ce soft. Certes, l'aspect technique est d'une autre époque mais cela est rattrapé par une très bonne maniabilité, des phases d'actions non-stop, un arsenal varié et une violence extrême. Bref, du tout bon pour les personnes qui désirent se défouler !
80 (Oct 14, 2011)
Il faut bien avouer que l'on s'amuse bien sur ce soft. Certes, l'aspect technique est d'une autre époque mais cela est rattrapé par une très bonne maniabilité, des phases d'actions non-stop, un arsenal varié et une violence extrême. Bref, du tout bon pour les personnes qui désirent se défouler !
DOSMeristation (Aug 18, 2001)
Lo bueno: Todo el juego es destacable desde el principio hasta el final. Los gráficos y el sonido tienen una calidad increible, la jugabilidad es algo nunca visto hasta ahora y la posibilidad de realizar nuestros propios niveles gracias a la inclusión del BUILD ayudará a potenciar la popularidad de este juego. Es muy de agradecer el detalle de poder cambiar de resolución mientras jugamos y las nuevas barras de oxígeno y de energía para los enemigos finales son dos elementos novedosos y muy necesarios. Lo no tan bueno: Pese a ser bastante similar a Duke Nukem 3D, los requisitos para poder jugar son más elevados. Dejando a un lado este pequeño detalle, no existe ningún otro punto negativo que influya al juego.
MacintoshAll Game Guide (1998)
Shadow Warrior is a solid game that makes you laugh and be queasy (if you're the least bit sensitive to violence and gore) in equal parts. The ninja spin on the game makes it unique and a bit more fun than the standard shooters available. If you're in the mood for a solid shooter, pick this one up -- it's a keeper.
MacintoshMac Gamer (1997)
Shadow Warrior is a worthy successor to Duke Nukem 3D and a fit farewell to the Build engine by the very folks who developed it in the first place. Granted, the game's graphics cannot quite measure up to what Quake's 3D engine ushered on the gaming scene. And granted, the game's humor is often less than sophomoric. But Shadow Warrior's outstanding level design and spectacularly gory gameplay get a hearty "banzai" from me!
DOSReset (Nov, 1997)
Większość obiektów nadal wydaje się płaska jak kartka papieru. Ten ogromny minus praktycznie dyskwalifikuje SW w stosunku do Quake'a. Miejmy nadzieję, że kolejna produkcja 3D Realms ustrzeże się tego błędu! A tak poza tym, to Shadow Warrior to całkiem niedroga i sympatyczna rzeźnia, w której sprzedają wysokogatunkowe mięso.
When all is said and done, Shadow Warrior is a lot of fun, particularly during deathmatch, but never quite reaches the level of greatness it could have. If the game had been released even a few months ago, it would have seemed fresh, new, and exciting. But now, with the Build engine on its last leg, Shadow Warrior looks a bit dated. Is the game insulting to Asians? That's not for us to say -- the Adrenaline Vault offers computer game reviews, not social commentary. If you look at Shadow Warrior simply as a 3D action game, you'll see something that could have, and should have, been better.
DOSPC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
Presumably, Mr L Wang finds this unremitting butchery hilarious because the sheer amount of gore that permeates his world has utterly desensitised him to the horror of violence. As is de rigueur for this kind of thing, there's more claret sloshing around than you'll find at a haemophiliac knife-thrower's convention. Aside from the aforementioned twain-clefting and chunk-shattering, there's plenty of grisly slapstick on offer, including gushing neck arteries and ricocheting eyeballs, each replete with a squishy sound effect that sounds a bit like someone pulling a wellington boot out of some thick mud. S'nice. Your gran'll love it.
DOSGameplay (Benelux) (Jul, 1997)
Shadow Warrior is de zoveelste Duke Nukem kloon op een rij. Grafisch valt er niet veel nieuws te beleven, het is enkel de AI van je tegenstanders en spitsvondigheden zoals de zware artilleriestukken die her en der staan opgesteld die het spel de moeite waard maken voor de liefhebbers van het genre. Heb je momenteel reeds je deel gehad van spelen gebaseerd op de Duke Nukem engine, dan zal ook Shadow Warrior je minder kunnen bekoren.
DOSPC Player (Germany) (Jul, 1997)
Die Mischung aus realistischem Leveldesign à la Duke Nukem und völlig überzogenen, geradezu albernen Begegnungen, etwa die mit dem Monty-Python-Kaninchen, sorgt dafür, daß das ganze Gemetzel etwas von seiner Ernsthaftigkeit verliert. Damit dürfte es selbst politisch korrekten Zeitgenossen den Wind aus den Segeln nehmen. Insgesamt sorgen die Vielzahl an Waffen, Ausrüstungsgegenständen und die coolen Sprüche des Hauptdarstellers für langanhaltende Motivation. Schade nur, daß dafür die veraltete Engine von Duke Nukem benutzt und nicht eine etwas zeitgemäßere im Quake-Stil programmiert wurde.
DOSPC Gamer (Dec, 1997)
Though it's a bit short and about as politically correct as Al D'Amato's Lance Ito impression, Shadow Warrior is a respectable follow-up to Duke3D. It won't win any awards for innovation, but you should feel no guilt about enjoying a little Wang now and again.
DOSGameSpot (Oct 02, 1997)
In the end however, Shadow Warrior's only merits are its gameplay. The game's sprite-based art is well executed, but seems out of date in the contemporary milieu of polygonal Quake-killers. Players who still appreciate the older style of sprites in 3D action and who can look past the bad Asian jokes will probably thank their lucky throwing-stars for the arrival of Shadow Warrior.
70 (Feb 01, 2013)
The game is a mixed bag of awesome and not-so-awesome that screams “slightly above average.” The racism and depravity are more novelty than substance. While they add a level of cheapness and awkwardness to the game, they also make it a lot more interesting, if I’m being honest. Shadow Warrior is the Spencer’s Gifts of games.
MacintoshMacNN (1998)
Shadow Warrior offers some interesting perks that makes it unique from your usual shooter, but unless you've finished every other one of the amazing MacSoft ports this year, you're better of spending your money on Chinese food than destroying the country where it came from.
DOSJust Games Retro (Dec 28, 2007)
If you're looking for more of the same action in new locations, this is much more complete than a simple expansion pack. If you're bored of this gameplay, or never liked it to begin with, this is just a continuation of Duke's successful style.
DOSComputer Games Magazine (Jan 30, 1998)
If Duke Nukem is still tops with you, then Lo Wang will find a comfortable spot on your hard drive. Shadow Warrior is well-designed, explosive, crude, bloody, profane and really difficult. In other words, it's simply a lot of fun.
DOSPower Play (Jun, 1997)
So langsam vergeht mir der Spaß an den Ballerorgien aus dem Hause 3D-Realms: Die Masche aus solidem, aber innovationsfreiem Gameplay und ordentlich Splatter & Gore ist inzwischen zu Tode geritten, Praktisch alle Elemente von „Shadow Warrior“ gab es schon in anderen Spielen, und das meist besser. Natürlich kriegen Freunde des skurrilen Humors wieder ein paar nette Geschmacklosigkeiten geboten. aber von den witzigen Sprüchen des Herrn Wang bis zu den besonders deftigen Blutfontänen wirkt alles von anderen Programmen abgekupfert. Etwas schnarchig fiel auch das Leveldesign aus, mit richtig originellen Einfällen warten die Entwickler erst in der letzten Shareware-Mission auf. Dazu kommt, daß die fernöstliche Ninja-Jagd auch optisch nicht so recht überzeugen kann. Wer viel Atmosphäre und eine spannende Geschichte sucht, findet die eher in LucasArts Western-Ballerei „Outlaws“, wer eine hohe „makabre-Gags-pro-Minute‘-Rate will, ist mit dem schrägen „Redneck Rampage“ deutlich besser bedient.
DOSGénération 4 (Oct, 1997)
Pour conclure, Shadow Warrior, malgré ses quelques rides techniques et son manque d'originalité, reste un excellent jeu d'action 3D, alliant une jouabilité sans tâche à une richesse encore absente de la majorité de ses concurrents 100% 3D.
WindowsTechTudo (Oct 31, 2014)
Shadow Warrior Classic é cheio de piadinhas sujas, sangue e até garotas seminuas. O clássico de 1997 agora pode ser baixado de graça na Steam, mas quem já jogou vai estranhar os controles. Os gráficos de época e dificuldade elevada pode afastar os novatos, mas não deixa de ser um ótimo negócio.
iPhone148apps (Feb 21, 2013)
Nostalgia isn't quite enough to propel this memorable FPS to success when the controls are this dubious.
iPhoneApp Spy (Jan 03, 2013)
If you really wish to experience Shadow Warrior we recommend getting it working on PC, as this iPhone port's control issues severely hamper the experience.
MacintoshMacworld (Mar, 1998)
Shadow Warrior isn't a bad game, but that's the best compliment I can pay it. If you're a die-hard fan of first-person shooters, you'll find Shadow Warrior a moderately entertaining addition to your collection. Otherwise, though, you should pass. Like so many sequels, Shadow Warrior can't match the magic of the original.
iPadSlide to Play (Jan 08, 2013)
Shadow Warrior is a clumsy port of a throwback that would be enjoyed best on a PC.
iPhoneSlide to Play (Jan 08, 2013)
Shadow Warrior is a clumsy port of a throwback that would be enjoyed best on a PC.
SHADOW WARRIOR is an average action game. While there are some good enhancements to the BUILD engine and some good level design and enemy AI, the rest of the game is mediocre. If this is the last game to use the BUILD engine, then may it rest in peace.
DOSShooterplanet (Apr 07, 2004)
Leider wurde das Game kurz nach Erscheinen indiziert, ist also hierzulande nirgends mehr zu finden. Wen das viele Pixelblut gestört hätte, hätte es abschalten können. Somit bleibt nur zu sagen, solltet Ihr auf einem Flohmarkt oder bei einem guten Freund mal auf dieses Shooter-Juwel stoßen, schaut es Euch mal an. Allerdings dürfte es mit dem MS-DOS-Game Probleme im Windows-XP-Betrieb geben. Wer damit Erfahrung hat kann ja mal im Forum etwas dazu schreiben.
Que dire de plus ? Cette adaptation du hit de Realms sur iPad était une bonne idée, Shadow Warrior sortant des sentiers battus en matière de FPS. Malheureusement, les développeurs n'ont pas fourni assez d’efforts. Pour vous le conseiller, il aurait au moins fallut que le jeu soit jouable sans l’activation du God Mode. Un seul constat s’impose : la maniabilité du jeu est trop complexe et viendra à bout de tout humain normalement constitué. Pour toutes les raisons évoquées, Shadow Warrior est un achat plus que discutable, malgré son petit prix.
MacintoshMac Game Gate (1997)
Overall Shadow Warrior is a neat idea, that is let down in its completion. It is truly an "also' ran" in the 1st person shoot' em up arena. Quake, even with its solo limitations blows Shadow Warrior out of the water, networked from what I hear Dark Vengeance will make mince meat out of them both. Shadow Warrior, goes in the same pile as Prime Target and ZPC. You'll play it all the way through once and never touch it again. Avoid and save your money.
DOSGame.EXE (Apr, 1997)
Вразумительного объяснения происходящему найти нельзя. 3D Realms образцово-показательно села в лужу. Позорнейшую для такой солидной компании. Рекламный вал нахваливает Shadow Warrior, крича о новизне. В игре нет ничего нового! Глазу трудно найти даже косметическую правку. Нет такого недостатка DN3D, который ни был бы нам вновь подарен. Но если дядя D обладал определенным стилем (карты как карты и технологический уровень соответствовал дате выхода), то в нашем кошмарном случае нет ничего, кроме жутких спрайтов...