Shadow Warrior Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Taste my twin Uzis!
Found a secret area--and a fortune cookie
I'll have the cream soup
On a subway car
Viewing the automap (overlaid)
Viewing the automap (solid)
Seek the master's advice
Eat hot lead, ripper!
A slice from my katana makes you half the man you used to be!
Completing a level
Hey! What the f*ck are you doing?!?
Jesus Christ!!!
Poor soul...
A portable toilet.. cool..
Running on modern Hardware at 800x600 32bpp
Example of Shadow Warrior's reflective floors trick.
Operating at a huge stationary gun + a bunch if enemies within range = fun
The first boss in the levels of the full version
3Dfx version - default resolution (512x384).
3Dfx version - 640x480 resolution.
3Dfx version - level stats screen.
3Dfx version with minimized HUD.
3Dfx version - transparency effect when using the Smoke Bomb.
3Dfx version - underwater area.
3Dfx version - "Pixelated" mode (bilinear filtering turned off).
3Dfx version - the valley.
For comparison, the same scene rendered in software mode.

Windows version

Title screen (320x200)
Main menu
Choose the shareware levels or the full game
Choose your difficulty
Starting the shareware levels. You start with the sword and are attacked at once.
The enemy has felt the wrath of my blade
Fighting a ninja in the first level. (320x200)
Starting the full game