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Shanghai: Great Moments

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Windows 3.x

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So far, I have not been able to find any substitute for this great game. Windows 3.x daisy subakti (2)

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Macintosh Awaiting 1 votes...
Windows 1 5.0
Windows 3.x 5 3.0
Combined User Score 6 3.3

Critic Reviews

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MacintoshMac Gamer
Overall, Shanghai: Great Moments offers a vast improvement to its predecessor, Shanghai II, and is just as addicting. Instead of receiving a fortune cookie message for a successful game, you are treated to the background screen coming to life. The new tile sets and the mix of educational topics and new puzzles really make this game one to own (if you have the hardware to truly enjoy it).
WindowsComing Soon Magazine
After the excellent "Shanghai: Triple Threat" published on the 3DO last year, Activision shipped a new title for Windows 95 with Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation versions scheduled for the third quarter of 1996.
Windows 3.xPC Gamer
Think of Shanghai: Great Moments as the Dim Sum of computer games; it's not going to suit everyone's tastes but some people will eat it up. (--John Robertson)
WindowsPC Gamer
Think of Shanghai: Great Moments as the Dim Sum of computer games; it's not going to suit everyone's tastes but some people will eat it up. (--John Robertson)
WindowsPC Joker
Fazit: Glückwunsch an Activision zu dieser tollen Denksport-Neuauflage, für die in Sachen Grafik und Sound mehr Aufwand getrieben wurde als für die meiste andere Multimedia-Software zusammengenommen. Wie wäre es jetzt mal mit einem wirklich neuen Spiel in gleicher Qualität?
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Shanghai Great Moments bietet mehr Abwechslung und Eleganz als alle Shareware-Clones dieses unverwüstlichen Spielprinzips. Tüftler mit Muße und Nostalgie-Empfänglichkeit haben an Activisions Ausgrabung sicher ihren Spaß.
WindowsEntertainment Weekly
Now, Shanghai gets the multimedia treatment. In addition to three new variations of the original, this flashy program dresses up the puzzles with sound effects, video clips, different tile sets, and even a live emcee (actress Rosalind Chao from Deep Space Nine). Is it worth it? To be perfectly ambivalent, I guess so. In the end, it's a little like playing checkers using a beautifully crafted marble set: It may look a lot nicer than those cheap plastic sets, but at heart it's still the same old game.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Asiatische Köstlichkeiten bietet uns Activision mit dem Geschicklichkeitsspiel Shanghai, das hier mit einer Vielzahl von Optionen im Multimedia-Outfit für Windows daherkommt.
Windows 3.xQuandary
Following the success of the original Shanghai and its sequel Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye, comes Shanghai: Great Moments, a Windows multimedia production offering quite superb tile animation, film clips, music and sound effects. In addition, Rosalind Chao, who has appeared in The Joy Luck Club and Star Trek: The Next Generation is your very personable host and on-line guide. Rosalind will explain the games to you and she will offer tips and strategies as well as some gentle chiding if you are stuck and ask her to show you a move. 'How could you miss these?" she'll ask, as the program highlights matching tiles that were staring you in the face.
Windows 3.xHigh Score
Shanghai: Great Moments är egentligen ett helt vaniligt Shangaispel, men det har drabbats av multimediasjukan och innehåller därför en massa animationer och klämkäcka ljudeffekter. Bilderna på brickorna är så små att det är onödigt kämpigt att hitta två likadana. Annars är det ett trevligt brädspel trots att ett gäng multimedianissar har attackerat det.
WindowsPower Play
Schon zu Anfang stellt sich die Gretchenfrage: Braucht man‘s oder braucht man‘s nicht? Wer die alten Versionen nicht besitzt oder gar kennt, dürfte sich eventuell durch dieses Spiel angesprochen fühlen. Alle anderen sollten den x-ten Aufguß dieses chinesischen Dominos getrost in den Regalen stehen lassen. Neu erfunden hat Activision Mah Jongg jedenfalls nicht. Im Gegenteil sogar: Die Motive erschweren teilweise den Spielfluß ganz erheblich. Fotos und Bilder sind nun mal nicht so leicht voneinander zu unterscheiden wie der klassische Mah-Jongg-Satz. Zu ihm kehrt Ihr sowieso zurück, wenn Ihr Euch an den Kurzfilmchen sattgesehen habt — und das geschieht schneller als erwartet. Daran kann selbst die berückend-bestrickende Rosalind Chao mit all ihrem Charme nicht viel ändern.
Windows 3.xComputer Gaming World (CGW)
This would be an excellent introduction to SHANGHAI for someone who has been missing out. For those of us already addicted, however, the flashy graphics pale after a while. I personally miss the layout editor (a big step backward) and yearn for better statistical support. Knowing how my winning percentage with Icebreaker compares with that for the Classical Dragon layout would really extend my enjoyment of the game. Maybe in Shanghai IV?
WindowsAll Game Guide
In two-player mode, opponents take turns and are given an arbitrary time limit to make a match. It's a nice addition but not particularly exciting. Other than the option to get hints, tournament mode simply isn't much different than normal gameplay. The great moments in Shanghai Great Moments are few and far between and, while some element of fun is present, gameplay isn't overly exciting.