Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Activision title screen
Title screen
Shanghai layout with Mah-Jongg tiles (Advanced difficulty)
Boar layout with Alphabet tiles (Easy difficulty)
Dragon layout with Animals tiles (Easy)
Rat layout with Hanafuda tiles (Easy)
Snake layout with Flags tiles (Easy)
Dog layout with Hi-Lo tiles (Advanced)
Ram layout with Lo-Hi tiles (Advanced)
Rooster layout with Sports tiles (Advanced)
Monkey layout with Fantasy tiles (Advanced)
Horse layout (Master difficulty)
Ox layout (Master)
Rabbit layout (Master)
Tiger layout (Master)
The Solitaire winner is rewarded with a fortune cookie wisdom!
Create your own layouts with the Construction Set
In Dragon's Eye, the Master places tiles while the Slayer tries to remove them

FM Towns version

Title screen
The titular dragon
Vanilla mahjong tiles
Dragon's Eye mode
Alphabet tiles
Reveal these portraits to access pre-set combinations of tiles and layouts
Rat layout with animals
The girls introduce themselves
Ox layout with cards
Master level - tougher challenge
Fantasy tiles
Flag tiles. I've just revealed Israel! :)
Hanafuda tiles. Hmm, I wonder what kind of an animal is this?..
Snake layout. Sports tiles
"Techno" layout
You can make your own layouts

Genesis version

Enter the Dragon
Starting arrangement
Selecting the first two matching tiles to remove
A few moves in, but the key tiles are still there
Now we're making progress
The yin-yang symbol is one of the exit animations
Drop down menus are revealed by pressing start
Avoid playing impossible games
Try to remove long lines ahead of high piles
Dragon's tile
Revive your flagging interest
Another tile layout
The modern stone-age tile set
This one's child's play

Macintosh version

Title screen
The standard Mahjongg set.
The boar layout with Alphabet tiles.
The dragon layout with Animal tiles
The horse layout with fantasy tiles
The monkey layout with flag tiles (With the USSR flag)
The ox layout with hanafuda tiles
The rabbit layout with hilo tiles
The ram layout with lohi tiles
The rat layout with sport tiles
Rooster layout w/alphabet tiles
Snake layout
Tiger layout
Making a custom layout
Title screen (B&W)
A game of shanghai in progress (B&W)

PC-98 version

Title screen
Default (Mahjong) tiles
Options menu and Hanafuda tiles in the background
Animal tiles
Alphabet tiles
Sports tiles
Cards (Lo-Hi) tiles with "Peek" function activated
Fantasy tiles
Dragon's Eye mode with Flag tiles

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Start of the game
In this menu you can choose the layout: background and tiles
This is the Flag layout, notice the flag for the Soviet Union which had already collapsed by the time this version came out in 1992
Two player mode
Game mode selection

SNES version

Title Screen
In game
"Change layout".
Dragon layout. Now let's check the tiles available.
Dragon Hanafuda.
Dragon's Eye mode.
... with vegetables.
Back to Shanghai. Hi-Lo.
There are no more moves.
Layout: Dog. Tiles: Animals.
In-game (Japanese version).
Hot-B layout. Japan-exclusive, obviously.
These flags are so... random...

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  • Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye Screenshot
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  • Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye Screenshot
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