Shanghai Warriors Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The first stage
Killed an enemy with a machine gun
Using throwing knives
Killed an enemy with shuriken
The second stage
Trying to get to the shuriken
The third and final stage
Killed an enemy with throwing knives

ZX Spectrum version

The game's title screen
The game's main menu. The game displays this for a minute or so, then displays the game's high score screen, then the game developer credits before returning here
Even after redefining the action keys the player must select keyboard as the controller option before the game will start
After determining the controller type there is a long, long, long wait as the game reads through the rest of side A so the tape can be turned over and side B can be played
The start of the game. The player's character is the tough guy on the right. The first opponent comes on from the left
This sets the pattern for the game. Most bad guys just stand there with their arms folded. Three karate chops and they are down
When a bad guy is down the body flashes a few times before disappearing from the screen. The player cannot leave this screen until the full quota of bad guys has been neutralised
This bad guy is displaying another characteristic feature of this game. Opponents leap around the screen for no obvious reason. They will leap away from you, past you and at you
Here the bad guy is leaping away! The backgrounds are well drawn and all game play is confined to the bottom corner of the screen.
The player knows when all bad guys have been neutralised because a flashing arrow directs them to the next screen
Screen 2 with some leaping baddies and a guy just waiting to be hit
This is screen seven or eight. The game has settled to a standard four bad guys to a screen by this time. This is as far 'up' the screen as the character will go
Here the player's character has been killed but ...
... as if by magic on walks the replacement
A scene from the second level - the army base. The game has not changed, still the same two types of bad guy
A scene from the third level - the navy base. There was no end of level boss at the end of the previous two levels
These box things that occasionally appear at the bottom of the screen are important because they contain weapons.
The end of a successful end game. No end of level boss here either, just a picture of a submarine in the background. It was green!
When the character is positioned correctly and a specific key combination is pressed, an in-game sub menu is displayed