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Alshark (Sharp X68000)

Alshark Sharp X68000 Low-level party in the starting town of the game - there are dozens more that look pretty much the same


100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Alshark Credits

Alshark Production Staff (アルシャーク 制作スタッフ)

SupervisorAtsushi Ii (飯 淳)
AuthorAtsushi Ii (飯 淳)
Main ProgramTAKION
Program AssistHiroyuki Kawano (川野 広行)
Music DriverTadakatsu Ogura (小倉 唯克)
Game DesignAtsushi Ii (飯 淳), Jun Satō (佐藤 淳), Hisashi Aoyagi (青柳 久)
ScenarioAtsushi Ii (飯 淳)
Character DesignAkihiro Kimura (木村 明広)
Monster DesignNorifumi Tomita (富田 記史), Seiichi Harada (原田 誠一)
Mechanic DesignAkihiro Kimura (木村 明広), Norifumi Tomita (富田 記史), Seiichi Harada (原田 誠一)
Visual EditAkihiro Kimura (木村 明広)
Field Character EditNorifumi Tomita (富田 記史)
Battle Character EditSeiichi Harada (原田 誠一)
Field Map EditUkiko Hoshino (星野 宇喜子), Norifumi Tomita (富田 記史), Seiichi Harada (原田 誠一)
Music ComposeTenpei Satō (佐藤 天平)
Music ArrangeTenpei Satō (佐藤 天平)
Sound Effect EditTakeshi Suzuki (鈴木 丈司)
Special ThanksTetsurō Shima (島 哲郎), Katsuji Aoyama (青山 勝治), Shiomi Saitō (斉藤 しおみ), Naoyuki Ogawa (小川 直之), Yūichi Kawakubo (川久保 雄一)
ThanksAll of Completed Player
Presented by1991 RIGHT STUFF Corp.

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