Aquales Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

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Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
So, is she Leah or Rachel? Jacob might get confused :)
The crew
Nice scene: the mecha is submerged
Another beautiful scene
Getting started
Moving platforms, flying angry guys... oh my!..
Say hello to my deadly shields, my little red friend!
You can break such crates
Floating platforms and tempting treasure chests on the other side
Am I on TV? Am I?!..
Cutscene between missions
Lovely underwater exploration
Hanging with a grapple. I guess oxygen is not an issue
I am on fire!..
These guys shoot electric current if I just try to walk through them
Weapon selection screen
There is nobody there, friend. Stop shooting aimlessly with your brand-new shotgun
Rocky cave, waterfall, and a flamethrower in my hands. Ahhh... vacation
Typical platform system with a pesky sentry droid. I prepare my blade to deal with him
No, the boss is on the other side. Just turn around
This is what you call fitness... or greed, because I only do that to get to the treasure chest
Small volcanic platforms, full life-restoring item, and a homing missile launcher. Life has never been so good
Thanks for the warning!
Whee! Robots ride little cute mine carts!
Nope, the homing missiles won't get to the upper floor. I'll have to jump there myself to deal with the boss
A mysterious new location is revealed
Dude, what's wrong with you?.. Come on... we are all robots here