Bomberman Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

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Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Intro: Black Bomberman kidnaps Dr. Mitsumori's daughter Lisa
There are 8 stages in total
Stage 1 - The Wall
First boss Arion
Second stage - Rocky Mountains, that Vest renders you invincible to bomb blasts for a short period of time
Round 2 boss Bubbles
Stage 3 - River, those skates increases the player's walking speed
Round 4 - Forest, found a 1-up
Stage 4 boss is Warpman, it takes 4 hits to defeat
Fifth round, the heart with a bomb on it item is the most important power-up in the game as it allows you to detonate bombs at any time
Stage 6, that goofy looking ghost-like enemy is BakeBake
Seventh round, the yellow grinning enemy is Ojin, he only appears in this game and Bomberman II
Round 7 boss is Spidfire, who periodically generates a barrier around itself, which protects it from explosions
Last stage, the spinning coin-like Pontan is the most dangerous (and annoying) enemy in the game as they move quickly, pass through soft blocks and pursue Bomberman
No idea how I made that saxophone item appear but picking it up adds 10 million points to the score
Last boss battle, first you need to take care of the red, blue, green and yellow Bombermen, they turn into fireballs periodically, shooting a projectile in four directions as they transform
Now just the Black Bomberman remains, who teleports around and does this fart attack