Die Bahnwelt Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

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Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
This intro takes up a whole disk (Opening disk)
The bad guy
and his henchman
The two main heroes
Getting started. Blasting at robots
Treasure chest!..
Multi-directional shooting
Handy overview map
Phew, I thought I'll never see someone to talk to in this game!..
Arrr, those turrets need to be dealt with! Fortunately, they never respawn
Did you just say "oh no, don't shoot at me with your multi-directional weapon"?.. Sorry, I can't hear you over my multi-directional weapon killing the heck out of you!
It's just me and my robot against angry respawning guys...
Ouch... watch it! I don't want to be killed by... soap bubbles
Such cutscenes appear between levels
Hey guys, come on... It's a temple, after all... Have some... err... religious tolerance while I blast you with this new weapon of mine
Cozy cave, leg-only monsters, and a new fancy fire circle-spitting weapon in the hands of my green-haired anime girl friend... Life is good!
Another cutscene. The game has quite a lot of story and dialogue for a top-down shooter!
Such portraits appear when you talk to the game's not-very-numerous NPCs
Exploring a rare populated area: the cave village