The Fairyland Story Credits (Sharp X68000)

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The Fairyland Story Credits


Original Design (原作)Kazutomo Ishida (K. Ishida)
Scenario (脚本)Kazutomo Ishida (K. Ishida)
Planning (企画)Hiroshi Tsujino (Onijust.H)
Design (デザイン)Hiroshi Tsujino (Onijust.H)
Backgrounds (背景)Toshiyuki Nishimura (T. Nishimura), Tetsuro Kitagawa (T. Kitagawa)
Music (音楽)Y. Tsuchida, Tadashi Kimijima (T. Kimijima)
Supervision (監督)Masaki Ogata (M. Ogata), Mikio Hatano (M. Hatano)
Support (協力)Pacific, Kumagaya , Youga
Presented by (配給)Taito Corp.

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