The Fairyland Story Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

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Sharp X68000 version

Loading screen
Title screen
Game options
First round
Round 3 - the background has changed, and I've already turned an enemy into a cake
Flying out of the screen in a bubble after being touched by an enemy
Round 8 - the layouts get trickier and new enemy types appear the further the player advances in the game
Move it Ogre or I'll turn you into cake just like your buddy!
There's a cross here plus a pope is after me... hmmm
Ptolemy ain't afraid of no worms
But she should be, because that's one nasty worm
Picked up a Glass Potion - turned white
While I was laughing at the dragon being pulled in by the worm the hooded guy got me
If you take too long to clear more than one enemy from the level, a flying Devil appears
By picking up the Change Potion Ptolemy is transformed into a invincible red rat for a short period of time, now if only I could get up there
Danger? Gee, you don't say... Ptolemy got burned