Fatal Fury Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

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Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Intro, Terry Bogard arriving in a SNK taxi
"DEMONSTRTAION"... good 'ol SNK and their engrish
This version comes on 4 floppy disks, just to access the options menu you need to insert Disk D... jeez
Fighter selection: Joe Higashi, Terry Bogard and Andy Bogard
Area select
Up against Richard Myer in Pao Pao Cafe
Michael Max would retire after the first Fatal Fury game, though he did make cameo appearances in some later titles
Getting punched in Sound Beach, both fighters have shadows but it's constantly flickering so it's impossible to capture in static shots
Tung Fu Rue can become a giant muscular version of himself and fire a projectile
Arm wrestling bonus round
Fighting Duck King in West Subway