Lagoon Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

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Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Intro, main hero Nassel (Nasir in the English version), this intro is exclusive to the Sharp X68000 version
Ferisia (Felicia in the English version)
Nassel battling bad guys
Start of the game, this X68000 version runs in slightly higher resolution (256x256 vs 256x224 for the SNES)
Church, notice the crucifix on the altar, it was removed from both the Japanese and English SNES versions
Hey honey, how 'bout some beer!
Weapons shop
Exploring the Gold Cave, unlike in the SNES version you don't have to escort Giles
First boss Samson, the combat in this version is closer to Ys style - just hold down the attack button and ram into an enemy, as a result it plays much better than the SNES version
Nassel's mother, you need to get some bread here otherwise the elves won't let you in Voloh
In Voloh I run into the evil wizard Zerah
Philips Castle, second boss is Natela
Dwarf cave
Equipment screen