Mugen Senshi Valis II Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

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Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Intro: Reiko appears...
Hmm... No, it's not what it looks like
Phew... it was all a dream... or was it?..
Awful English is a requirement for stage introduction
Respectfully kneeling in front of a weird enemy
I just wanna go home...
Stairs in harbor area. Weapon power-up applied
You'll see those ridiculous words many, MANY times
Take this, you... you... marinated octopus!..
Boss battle. Stay out of harm and you'll be fine
Post-boss trash talk
Evil has a taste for art, apparently
Platforms, killer snails... oh my!
Some levels give you this power-up...
...which allows you to fly!
Here you can change Yuko's weapons and armor. And yes, armor is visible!
You know what, I don't feel like going to zoo
Golden bikini is what we need to fight evil
Megas looks bored. He should get out more. Listen to some jazz or something
No, this is not a fried egg. Just one awesome weapon!
This boss is a total pushover. Lightning, shmightning...
Another side-scrolling flying level!
Found a new weapon! It shoots those projectiles in a specific curve
Blood and a bit of fan service
Ominous castle! Monsters and flying machines are trying to stop me