Murder Club Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

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Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Patriotic intro
The eye of the PI
Dial 911? Sure, right away...
Starting area
Collect evidence here
Look for older cases
Come on, I want you to arrest somebody! Come on!! Please, please, please...
Bring people here and beat them up. Nah, just kidding. Interrogate them, is all
You need to take a break
After having smoked too much joint, you draw these little characters. You feel happy and connected to the world soul
You review your evidence. Despite the billingual feature, you are shocked to discover some of it is still in Japanese
Enough of this, dude. I have a case to solve!
Navigating the map
This is how locations are displayed
Standard main dialogue options
Here Robbins was last seen alive
Personal topics
You'll have to bring up terrible events of the past...
Outside of the bank
Hey... how about... errr... hehe... oh wait. This isn't a hentai game!
The lists grow larger as the game advances
Outside of the hotel
Options during conversation
Oh yeah? Do you know Leonardo Susi?
What kind of a hobby is that?..
He looks like a nice guy
College entrance
Talking to the guard
Inspecting the crime scene
Visiting relatives
Is she hiding something?
Damn... I had to bring my search warrant
People live in nice houses
Hey, give me some slack... I have to submit screenshots for this game afterwards