Étoile Princesse Screenshots (Sharp X68000)

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Sharp X68000 version

Nothing ever works in Fail Land :)
Title screen
The princess leaves in a funny castle...
...and reads books
There are some really cool-looking, goofy graphics in the intro
The princess is leaving
Character selection, map, and item screen
Whack-a-mole?.. Poor moles!..
Oh wow, a green treasure chest amidst green trees! Camouflage!..
This boss is pathetically easy
All you need to do is flip the switch
Ferocious monster warriors have invaded this city
Fighting zombies in a graveyard
Catholicism seems to be the only solution
This boss is a revolving head
The green-haired girl has an area wind attack. Note that cool-looking armored guy waving his flail
Very simple platform-like challenges
Rilule fights a serpent-like boss
Mountain pass. This new character can shoot fireballs
Fighting skeletons. Don't step into that brown liquid
This gorgeously drawn dragon will soon be the boss!..
Selecting areas on the map
It's dark here... and all I can see are hedgehogs
Uh-oh, spider web!..
A weird dude is trying to ambush me in the tower