Shattered Union Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Campaign map, in the first round
Shopping menu with the special unit for the selected side (Great Plains Federation)
The last battle took place in Alaska
You can zoom very close to the map.
Two fighters are guarding my units against incoming air raids.
Using a special weapon of the bad side.
Shopping menu for the European Union, here you see the deadly Tiger.
See that crate? It contains a surprise.
Boogie down!
These elite infantry units are a special weapon of the good side.
And they are very deadly.
Calling an air strike
Activating a power up.
While the map is loaded, you see information about the combatants.
You can also zoom out the map.
But for an overview you better use the scenario map.
Attacking an air defense unit with a helicopter? Bad idea...
(Nearly) a direct hit from the artillery.
Well, every enemy unit in the city was destroyed. Like most of the city, too.
See the armor rating of -4 in the lower left corner. That's why you should use bridges.
Some good, old tank combat.
Enemy Destroyed!
Leopart 2 VS Stryker
Challenger VS Apache.
Enemy Turn
MERL VS EU Commandos
Units "shop"
Humvee VS EU Commandos
Beginning of new skirmish