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Shenmue: The Movie - Main menu.
Shenmue: The Movie - Chapter list.
Shenmue: The Movie - Ryo's father.
Shenmue: The Movie - Buying a ticket to Hong Kong.
Shenmue: The Movie - Saying goodbye to Nozomi, your girlfriend.
Shenmue: The Movie - Shenhua, before the two of you met in Shenmue II.
Shenmue II - Main Menu
Shenmue II - Shots-viewer allows you to see the shots that you've captured during the game.
Shenmue II - Letting memories of the past taking the front scene, yet staying mysterious enough for the player.
Shenmue II - With such an ingame graphic, who could possibly need pre-rendered cinematics, ya?
Shenmue II - Learning moves can be painful, but well worthy.
Shenmue II - Throughout the game, you will obtain several photographs, and some you will carry even from the original Shenmue.
Shenmue II - Dou Niu will be the toughest foe to defeat, and you shall constantly find yourself chased by him or his men.
Shenmue II - After getting to Kowloon, you'll get a sidekick, Ren, a thief who does most of the talking, but in situations like this, even he may be left without words.
Shenmue II - Camera showing Kowloon and Hong Kong as Ryo travels to Kowloon in search of Yuanda Zhu.
Shenmue II - Ryo is always ready to save girls crazy enough to jump in the wild river during the rainstorm.
Shenmue II - Destiny brings interesting people together during this game's events.
Shenmue II - As in original, Ryo will still write everything in his notebook in case he forgets.
Shenmue II - By default, you will have to navigate your way yourself. But sometimes, you will be able to get a map of a place (lower left corner).
Shenmue II - You can examine places up close from 1st-person perspective whenever neccessary.
Shenmue II - Ryo checking out the temple's backyard.
Shenmue II - In real, non quick-time event, battles, you can see opponent's and Ryo's health bar. And the speed of the moves.
Shenmue II - Walking over the plank on 15th floor requires some quick reflexes and not looking down.
Shenmue II - As much as real fights take place, the real fun lies in quick-time event ones.
Shenmue II - Press X or get kick in the teeth. Sometimes, even one mistake may prove fatal.
Shenmue II - What, only 12th floor? When will I ever reach 40th with so many guards on every floor!?
Shenmue II - Mmm, guess busses don't go this road.
Shenmue II - You can speed up the dialogue by pressing B button during an ingame conversation. It doesn't work for cinematics quite that way, though.
Shenmue II - When you are able to do certain action (e.g. talk, open, etc.), the buttons will shift to appropriate icon to notify you of that.
Shenmue II - When Ryo has more things to talk about, the dialogue will be quite selectable.
Shenmue II - Catching up with the time. Ryo has to reach certain mountain before it gets too dark. That means, not many mistakes are allowed.
Shenmue II - Saying goodbye to Wong... although not for long.
Shenmue II - Ryo continues his journey, still seeking revenge, even if that means breaking the rules.

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  • Shenmue II Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD
  • Shenmue II Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD