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Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu
Help: Game elements
Help: Game introduction
Help: People resources
Watson mentions a case to Holmes
Holmes comments on the case to Watson
Main game screen
Holmes' personal notepad
Interviewing Mr. Ellis
Your directory
Searching for clues in the newspaper
An opinion from the Boston Street Irregulars
Interviewing Mr. Travis
Taking your findings to the judge
Dropping by Scotland yard.
Talking with yet another person...
Watson talks with Dr. Murray.
More talking with Dr. Murray.
Another lead...
Can Sherlock gather the clues he needs from people?
Checking out some notes.

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen: play in English or in Japanese
Intro: the book opens...

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Screenshots

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Artwork pertaining to one of the game's cases
Main menu
Holmes patiently explains what each option is for
Sherlock Holmes delivers a sort of orientation at the beginning
Holmes discusses the major players in the game that you will likely need to interact with
Intro exposition for the case of The Mummy's Curse
The main map and game screen
The major players you want to talk to
Paying a visit to the inspector
Perusing the newspaper archive
One of the newspapers from a high level view
The paper includes all kinds of details, including classified ads
You have an extensive London city directory at your disposal
When you think you have gathered enough evidence in the case, take it to the judge
Intro exposition for the case of the Mystified Murderess

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The name is Holmes. Sherlock Holmes. ... err... wait, no, that's not my line
So many people, so many places...
I don't want my Mummy to curse me... :)
Map of London
You can check a whole address book...
...and read newspapers!
Go to this guy if you've gathered enough evidence
So, waddaya say, Watson? Should we, like, go for it, dude? Ya know what I'm sayin'?
Inspector Lestrade looks like a retired Eastern European violin teacher
Every character has a dossier
Damn this telegraph. I should've just e-mailed him
No cell phones yet. We actually have to take a cab and go and see everyone
A mummy, a cat, and a snake. Regular zoo we have here
"Watson, I think this here is an important clue". - "Holmes! How did you know?!?!" - "It's elementary, Watson. Otherwise they wouldn't have put it into a bloody video game!!"..
You can just visit people you don't know. Hang in front of their house. Maybe smoke a joint or two, I don't know
A-ha! Last will and testament! "Ze kes is solved", like Inspector Closeau would say
"So, Doctor, what was the cause of death?" - "How should I know? I wasn't the one who treated him"
"I'll give ya some information, but it's gonna cost ya!.." - "Never mind. Supreme powers of deduction and a few grams of cocaine is all I need to crack this case"
Mystified Murderess case intro
So Elvis is alive, after all
Tin Soldier intro