Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring

Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Game Options
Game Save/Load Screen
Holmes (left) and Watson (right) before the murder
Sir Bromsby, the victim, before the fatal shot
Your dialog choices appear in a window
Sherlock's journal records all of the conversations
The map has limited uses
Visiting Sherringford Hall.
Loading Screen
A most peculiar home.
One of several puzzles to be solved.
Please note the degree awarded.
Comparing notes back at Baker St.
Holmes has much evidence to be analyzed.
A rather nice garden.
Gloomy Abbeys and more.
A coin-operated card game/puzzle
A rather unusual lock for a hidden safe
At the scene of the crime
Sherlock questioning the maid
With the help of your zooming glass you can investigate certain areas in more detail
Holmes checking for possible escape routes
The player will also control Dr. Watson as he's doing parallel research along Holmes
Watson looking for some clues inside the passenger wagon
It might've been tricky to enter if Sherlock wouldn't be acquainted with the guard
Inside the Fairfax theater
This area doesn't look good... or smell good