Sherlock Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Starting the first puzzle
Busy solving puzzle #1
Tap on a cell to zoom in and remove or select an image.
Solved the first round
Tap and hold a clue to get an explanation
First round of the 5x5 puzzles
The 6x6 puzzles looks kind of cramped on mobile devices
The options screen
Tile set "Robin"
Tile set "Lopez"
Tile set "Alt"
Tap on Help to read the documentation

DOS version

Title screen/main menu
The instructions screen explaining vertical clues
The instructions screen explaining horizontal clues
The instructions screen explaining the is-left-of clue
Starting a new game, generating clues
Starting the first game
The blue house and 4 are in the same column
Solving the game using the clues
Elementary, Watson! The first game solved
When the game is solved, the screen is filled with tiny tiles

Macintosh version

Main Board Game

Windows version

Main menu (Demo version)
Starting out
Solving the game
Roll over a clue for an explanation
The puzzle has been solved! :D