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Shi-Kin-Joh Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Main Menu

Shi-Kin-Joh Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title screen
Between Mahjong tiles
Looks tasty
The tiles seem to form a pattern...

Shi-Kin-Joh Screenshots

Genesis version

Main menu
Pushing a tile
The first stage
Pushing two alike tiles into each other will make them disappear
Tiles can be pushed vertically too
Made a mistake and now I'm stuck in this stage
Made the right move and now I should be able to complete the stage
Out the exit I go
Victory celebration
Stage 2
In game menu
Stage 3
Tile set 2
Tile set 3
Tile set 4
Tile set 5
Choose a special puzzle mode stage
A special puzzle mode stage
Puzzle construction mode menu
Constructing a puzzle
The sound test lets the player listen to each stages background music

Shi-Kin-Joh Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen