Shiloh: Grant's Trial in the West Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

joystick/keyboard options
Main menu
Pre-Battle stats
Pre-Battle stats men
Pre-Battle stats cavalry
Pre-Battle stats artillery
Pre-Battle stats objectives
Battle begins
Artillery shots
Infantry fire
Computer move
Battle line Infantry
Confed infantry success
Union in retreat
Melee phase
Confed Melee
Union being outmaneuvered again

Commodore 64 version

joystick or keyboard options
Pre-battle stats
Pre-battle stats troops
Pre-battle stats strength
Pre-battle stats artillery
Pre-battle stats objectives
Battle start
Opening artillery shots
Infantry fire
Computers turn
Being outmaneuvered by computer
Melee breakout
Computer moving in from rear of battle line
Post-Battle stats
Computer wining that round
Post-Battle cavalry
Post-Battle artillery
Post-Battle objectives

DOS version

Title screen
Color/Palette adjustment
Doc check
Gameplay adjustment
Starting as the confederates.
Strategic map
Here is the church "Shiloh".
The second day was fatal for the confederates.
Victory information