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PlayStation version

Title screen
This was 3D already on the SNES, but now it looks kinda better
"SMT If..." has an "Ultima-style" character creation. You answer questions, and get stats according to your answers
This is the crazy student who started the whole trouble...
You meet Yumi, one of the four possible partners you can have in the game
This is your beloved school - a 3D dungeon, like all the other locations
Character information screen
Every dungeon has stairs
Too much experimenting isn't healthy...
Baseball room
Sumo room - finally, a Japanese sport!
In a room with so many computers, you can do only one thing: save your game
The janitor looks suspiciously similar to Okamoto, the protagonist's fighting coach in SMT 2
Oh, wow! Doctor, I... ehhh... have pains... right there!
"I can't answer any questions! I'm the President!" The funny part is that the word behind the guy is "shokuyaku" - "appetite"...
Reiko is a young musician
Some evil energy is there...
Fighting a gaki demon
A pixie casts a spell. They look cute, but when they come in large packs and you are unprepared, even pixies can harm you seriously
When you die, you get to see this short, but beautiful FMV