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SEGA CD version

The famous SMT symbol
Title screen
The insane computer screen is framed in Sega CD version. Note the text becomes a correct Hebrew after a while
One of the several intro pictures that are exclusive to the Sega CD release of SMT
Another expressive picture you can see only in Sega CD version
Character information screen
This is the devil who tortures the soul of Chaos Hero
You wake up after the nightmare. You notice your room looks more detailed than it did in SNES version, but less so than in Playstation version
Only in Sega CD version you have those excellent character close-ups. The usage of digitized actors brings a whole new dimension into the game
Your mother actually has a real face in this version
Your house has changed beyond recognition since the days of SNES
You can't pass!
Even your dog Pascal gets a close-up exclusively on Sega CD!
The world map is a bit weird: you "scan" it instead of moving a cursor around
This actually looks like a shopping mall now!
Two different kinds of color palettes, not to mention textures, in the same dungeon - this is something even Playstation version doesn't have!
Close-up on the storekeeper
Cafe entrance
For the first time, you see this guy's face!
The textures are at times incredibly detailed in this version. Remember than SNES version had no textures at all
Those guys are naked! See the corresponding Playstation screenshot for comparison :)
Meeting the heroine. The women surely look similar in this game, don't they?
andom battle. Not much has changed here
Meeting the old man
Illusion dungeon
You can't beat this guy, no matter how you try
If it were blue, I'd thought this is the exit from Tel-Aviv airport...
Greeting the Jakyou man
The Kaifuku man greets you

SNES version

Title screen
The talking gate questions you - you must name your hero
Your statistics
Meeting your first party member
The choice determine the actions you can perform: use the computer, leave the room, etc.
Your mother
Wandering around
Moving on the map
A store
The district is cut off
Remember to take your cute dog out for a walk, or at least talk to him once in awhile
Better stock up some armor at the Survival Shop. Never know when demons might pop-up and claw you in the back.

TurboGrafx CD version

Oh, the creepy intro...
Mad experiments...
...politicians' lies...
...and insane combination of hacking and old Hebrew
Title screen
Creating your character
The Turbo CD version has some voice overs! However, there are no kanji...
The Law hero. The symbolism in this game is really something
The Chaos hero
The seductive Yuriko. Is she good or evil?..
Using a computer in your room. Unfortunately, the graphics are the same as in the SNES version, without the additions of Sega CD version
Talking to your mom. No detailed backgrounds - compare to Playstation version
Talking to your dog
Leaving the area
Navigating your hero on the city map
This area is blocked
Shopping mall
Meeting some punks
Armor shop
Cafe entrance
Antiques shop
The sacrifice in dream... Note the uncensored "no pants" version :)
Fighting a pixie
Game Over screen

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  • Shin Megami Tensei Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop (JP)
  • Shin Megami Tensei Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop (JP)
  • Shin Megami Tensei Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop (JP)
  • Shin Megami Tensei Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop (JP)