Shin Megami Tensei Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Main menu
Character stats
Non-interactive sequence: Walking through a labyrinth of blurry corridors.
Name entry

PlayStation version

Title screen
The horrifying outputs on the computer screen
Intro - your mother
The famous symbol of Shin Megami Tensei..
Your first dream. Meeting the strange head
Creating your character
The first meeting with the Chaos Hero
Yuriko is sexy and dangerous, as always
Wow! The Playstation version certainly has much more detailed graphics...
A typical Shin Megami Tensei dungeon. They look now much better than they did on SNES
Your dog Pascal is always at your service
Walking around in the city - world map
You can't proceed
It is closed
Looks like a familiar face...
Weapons shop
Drugstore. Note the much more detailed graphics compared to SNES original
This time, you dream in blue...
The demonic ritual
The Heroine in her room
Fighting for the first time
Your computer menu
The automap is a very handy feature
Recovery room never looked as beautiful
Prison, in front of a door
Staircase. No SMT dungeon is without them... lots of them
Talking to a random enemy during a battle. Typical conversation
If you die, you are shown this beautiful FMV. At least some consolation!