Shinc Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
In the town
Camp screen
Visiting a brothel - can't do anything. No money
Having a drink
Castle entrance. Funny guard
Catholicism has survived
Fortune teller
Staying in a hotel
Item shop
Weapon shop
Dungeon entrance
Corridor exploration
Facing a low-level imp enemy
This guy means business!
I think this is called a "door"
Is this an enemy?..
...apparently she was, and a powerful one, too!

PC-98 version

Good name for a company, right?
Title screen
Camp screen
Town square
Town map
Item shop
Visiting a bar
Catholicism is the only way
Brothel. No money for the girls!
Magic shop
I really want to... buy weapons
Dungeon exploration
Ferocious enemy!
Game Over, dude
This enemy is... not so ferocious