Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon Screenshots

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Game Boy Advance version

Beginning a game
Max is now able to talk
Talking to the knights
The interface and menus have been modified, but they're still a little annoying.
You can now receive bonuses for winning battles quickly.
Moving on the world map
A battle begins.
Tao is casting blaze on a Rune Knight.
Viewing the turns during battles is a great help.
Max is attacking a Dark Dwarf.
Ken attacking a Goblin - Knights are very usefull because they are good at close-combat but also can perform ranged attacks.
Title screen
Old Master Varios
Archer Hans
Old man is priest
Brutal slash
Gong fights
Mini map
Old Dwarf Gort
Angry Mae
Dialogue with Tao
Ken's stats
Next Fight
Tao burns bat
King Alterone
Runefaust army
Mae attacks rune knight