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Shining Force

Shining Force Screenshots

Genesis version

Title (Japan release)
Nice graphics
Starting the game with the saving girl
Choosing a name for the hero
Enough what? MobyGames contribution points? ;)
A nice way of saying "yes" or "no"
Walking around in town
On the world map
Lots of terrain, including this mountain pass
Knights are the key to most battles
In typical RPG style, the evil kingdom employs monsters
Nothing like a Blaze2 spell to bring fire down on the enemy
The Shining Force is always ready for battle
Hans defeats the enemy

Shining Force Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Enter your name.
Chapter 1
Dialogue with Lowe
Walking through town.
First meeting with Gort
A goblin attacks.
First team
Lowe uses a health fairy.
Hans with a bow
Gort joins.
Tao uses blaze level 1.
Fight in the mountains
Luke on level 2
The main hero attacks.
Giant bat
Next fight
Water fight
Strange woman
Desert fight
Statistics screen
Mae in action
Battle map
Fire rain
Kill the sniper!
Cave fight against a zombie
Evil puppet in a circus
A battle in a shrine
The ship is lost.
Forest battle
Zylo werewolf
Amon in an air duel
Mountain town
Ken is now a paladin.
Fight in a quarry
Anri's stats
Team (linear filter)
Burn, zombie, burn! (linear filter)
Headquarters (no filter)
Kill Priest (TV filter)