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Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

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What the Genesis was about... Genesis J. G. (7)
Best. Shinobi. Game. Ever. Genesis MasterMegid (897)

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Platform Votes Score
Genesis 33 4.1
iPhone Awaiting 1 votes...
Nintendo 3DS Awaiting 1 votes...
Wii 6 3.5
Windows 5 4.7
Combined MobyScore 44 4.1

The Press Says

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GenesisDefunct Games
This is the apex of Shinobi, one of Sega's very best Genesis games. As it turns out, this would be Joe's final adventure. He went out on top. This long-running franchise may have had a few ups and downs over the years, but Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master is a rock; it's not going anywhere and only gets better with age. Joe, you will be missed.
Shinobi ist neben Sonic eines der Referenzspiele aus dem Hause Sega und auch ein Meilenstein in der Welt der Videospiele. Man sollte es auf jeden Fall mal gespielt haben, denn da bekommt ihr Ninja-Action vom Feinsten geboten.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Shinobi III is one of the best ninja games I've ever played. The graphics, sound, and control are all spectacular. The first stage is set in the wilderness, with ninjas hiding in the trees. It's pretty cool, except for the guy walking around with the bucket on his head (what the?). In the second stage, you fight armed guards in a high-tech, biological test facility. The action never gets repetitive because the scenery is constantly changing, and there are plenty of surprises. You have several attacks and power-ups at your disposal. The bosses are incredible, and there are even some nice high-speed levels that let you ride a horse or jet-ski. The audio is remarkably good, especially the sound of your weapon slashing into human flesh! If you like ninja games, you cannot afford to live without this one.
With so many levels of variety, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master offers little to complain about. It's an adventurous exploration that knows no bounds, as proven by the vastly unique environments. Simply relishing in utilizing each and every one of Musashi's skills is enough to draw you back time and again. To cling to insignificant complaints such as difficulty level is wasting time that should be spent dancing up falling boulders, or roaming across the hulking ship in The Final Confrontation. Enjoy the experience.
GenesisThat Gaming Site
This is one of the best action-platformers I've ever played, even pushing it well above the revered Revenge of Shinobi. While not a difficult as Revenge, it is nevertheless challenging and extremely fun. You must get this game!
GenesisGameFan Magazine
The magic is back. The new Shinobi is even better than the first, if you can believe it, with great new backgrounds and bosses, and a whole new set of moves. The graphics push the limit of the system all the way. the attention to detail is amazing, and the game plays like a dream. Shinobi's back!
Shinobi III gehört zweifelsohne in jede gut sortierte Videospiele-Sammlung und ist nebenbei bemerkt ein kleines Meisterwerk der japanischen Programmierkunst - Hier stimmt wirklich alles! Shinobi III ist neben dem grandiosen Vorgänger das beste Ninjaspiel, das mir jemals untergekommen ist. Hoffen wir, dass SEGA eines Tages Joe Musashi für The Super Shinobi 3 reanimiert...
GenesisShin Force
The Shinobi series will always stand out from the crowd, and the refined 2D graphics of Shinobi III have only helped it stand the test of time (in other words, the game's 2D graphics still look good even by today's standards). All you really need to know is that Shinobi III improves upon everything that made The Revenge of Shinobi so good for its time. I wouldn't go as far as to describe it as a timeless classic, although it does come close to being one, and it is no doubt a great example (if not one of the greatest examples) of its genre. Besides, who doesn't like the idea of a lonesome ninja fighting against endless armies of evil?
WiiNintendo Life
Shinobi III is really the best sequel you could ask for. It’s one of the best examples of a action/platform game there is and has enough variety and challenge to keep you coming back for more time and time again. A must buy on the Virtual Console and comes highly recommended.
GenesisPower Unlimited
Shinobi III is een gigantische verbetering vergeleken met haar voorganger, Revenge of Shinobi. Het is wat makkelijker, maar het spel gaat sneller, en is daardoor minder frustrerend. Alles van graphics tot vechttechnieken is verder prima in orde. Verslavend spel!
Considéré par beaucoup comme le meilleur épisode de la série, le jeu vaut véritablement le détour et prend même la place de must have pour tout fan de jeu d’action qui se respecte. Véritable ode à l’action, sa vieillesse ne peut nullement être un frein au plaisir de jeu, le temps n’ayant eu aucune prise sur ce dernier. Et après tout, si le mal venait à se répandre sur le monde, il y aura toujours un homme parcourant les ténèbres. Il sera plus résistant que l’acier, il sera plus vif que l’éclair, il sera… un Shinobi !
So what's the overall deal on this game? Well, the extra moves really gives your character the versatility that he should've had back in the other Shinobi games, which was otherwise near-perfect. This all means that Shinobi III is one of the best action titles seen on the Genesis, and is a must-have for your library.
En definitiva, es un gran juego que puso el broche de oro a las andaduras del legendario ninja en Megadrive, aunque habiendo salido 4 años después del primero todos esperábamos algo más de él.
GenesisSega Force
Det som gör Shinobi bra är att det inte är för lätt! Jo, kanske för en ärkegamer, som tycker att de förra Shinobi-spelen stinker av lätthet och kan manövrera gubben med magisk kraft, men för oss vanliga dödliga som med jämna melllanrum missar dubbelhoppet är det svårt! När man fightas med en boss, och i och med det får börja om (men istället går och pular in spelet tillsammans med grannens feta gamla katt i mikron), så kan Shinobi 3 vara klart svårt och säkert ta ett bra tag att spela igenom.
80 (UK)
Seven stages, with loads of special bonuses to aim for, and you're looking at a fine slice (oho!) of vintage ninja action that still holds up today.
GenesisRetrogaming History
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master è un platform-action caldamente consigliabile che vanta nella line-up del Mega Drive una meritata posizione di primissimo piano, grazie all’irresistibile appeal di un Joe Musashi in gran forma, ad un gameplay immediato, vario e coinvolgente e ad una longevità che, tenuto conto del genere, si mantiene su buoni livelli se si ha l’accortezza di selezionare difficoltà superiori a quella standard.
GenesisDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Fans of the series know that this is one of the games in the series that stands out. Very few games have taxed the hardware as much as this one did and it shows in every aspect. The sound department is the only real letdown, but this can overlooked thanks to everything else this game does right. A classic in all regards.
GenesisMega Fun
Shinobi III gleicht einer wilden Achterbahnfahrt, und das in fast jeder Hinsicht. Die Grafik bietet Gegensätze von genial bis einfallslos. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad reicht nahe an die Frustrationsgrenze heran, denn manche Level strotzen nur so vor unfairen Stellen. Sicher knacken die Profis diese mit der Zeit, aber Anfänger werden hier größere Motivationsschwierigkeiten bekommen. Die Soundeffekte wurden im Vergleich zum ersten Teil klar verbessert, aber es liegen ja auch vier Jahre zwischen den beiden Versionen. Die Hintergrundmusik dagegen ist dermaßen übel, da würde Yuzo Koshiro sicherlich mit Harakiri-Gedanken spielen, wenn er dieses Gedüdel länger ertragen müßte. Auf innovative Ideen wartet man vergeblich, teilweise wurde sogar schamlos abgekupfert (Surf-Teil: Konamis Turtles lassen grüßen!) Was soll ich noch viel schreiben? Alle in der Redaktion finden den ersten Teil wesentlich besser, und dem kann ich mich ohne Einschränkung anschließen.
Like most things that rock hard, Shinobi III is short-lived. Unless you crank the difficulty, you'll probably beat it in an hour or two. Regardless, this sort of ninja fun-time begs to be played over and over again. In that respect, you'll probably feel as if you got your money's worth out of the 800 Wii points it cost you to download the game from the Virtual Console.