Shinobi Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The Ken Oh File
Mission 1 Level 1
Yeah, Miss Monroe is a babe alright
Ken Oh
Using magic against Ken Oh
Bonus Stage
The Black Turtle File
Mission 2 Level 1
Mission 2 Level 2
Mission 2 Level 3
Black Turtle
The Mandara File
Mission 3 Level 1
Mission 3 Level 2
Mission 3 Level 3
That's a lot of Mandaras
The Lobster File
Fighting on the mountains - Part 1
Mission 4 Level 2
Mission 4 Level 3
The Lobster
File on the masked ninja
Fighting on the mountains - Part 2
Fighting amongst the bamboo
Mission 5 Level 3
The masked ninja
High Scores

Amstrad CPC version

Stage 1.1
One of the children guarded by someone
Stage 1.2
A ninja clings to the wall
Say hello to Ken Oh
Stage 2.1
Winning the Bonus Stage
Stage 2.1
Stage 2.2
Stage 2.3
Say hello to Black Turtle
Stage 3.1
Stage 3.2
Stage 3.3
Defeat these golden statues

Arcade version

Title screen
Mission 1
Throw shuriken to kill enemies
On the roof
Boss appears (and escape)
Using a special attack
First stage finished!
Life lost
Spoderman - years before meme
Rescue children
Boss fight
Bonus stage intro
Bonus stage: hit all the ninjas with shurikens before they get too close
Bonus stage failed - a ninja has reached me!
Enter initials
The second stage

Atari ST version

Title screen
Starting level 1
Your mission. None of this information is useful save the picture of the boss; however, when you get to him, you will know.
Starting out in the mean streets!
Shooting a shuriken at an unsuspecting punk!
He jumps!
Taking advantage of cover by crouching
Rescuing a child hostage
A tricky spot. The new enemy up top throws his sword like a boomerang, while hiding behind a shield.
Urk.. he got me!
Could this be it for our hero?
Game over!
High score table

Commodore 64 version

Mission 1 Level 1
Mission 1 Level 2
Hostage Power!
Ken Oh
Bonus Stage
Mission 2 Level 1
Mission 2 Level 2
Mission 2 Level 3
Black Turtle
Mission 3 Level 1
"The agony. Make it stop!"
Mission 3 Level 2
Mission 3 Level 3

DOS version

Title screen
Mission 1 - Find and defeat Ken-Oh
Kick his ass and rescue the hostage
Marilyn Monroe wallpaper
Using the ninja magic to clear the screen
You got the gun, blow em away
End of Level 1 Boss
Bonus stage, shuriken throwing
You failed!
Incoming foot chopper
He's aiming right for your head
Those divers can be tricky

MSX version

Loading screen
Control menu

NES version

Title screen.
Stage 1-1 briefing: Ken Oh.
Here it all begins...
Shinobi can walk ducking to avoid enemy fire.
You must rescue those children.
Bonus stage.
Stage 1-2.
Watch out for those ninjas on the wall.
Your first boss, the fire breathing Ken Oh.
You must hit his head in order to defeat him.
Stage 2-1 briefing: Black Turtle.
Your enemies will come running faster than the ones in first stage.
Unlike the Sega Master System version, this game features only horizontal scrolling, not vertical.
Bonus stage clear, item received.
Those ninjas on stage 2-2 will only be hit at their legs.
Oh no, a ninja got you...
You failed.
Stage 2-3. Don't worry, you won't die if you fall in the water.
Those ninjas will jump suddenly off the watter. Duck to avoid their attacks.
Second boss: the Black Turtle.
You're dead.
Game over.

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Level intro
Save the hostage
up high
In close
Under fire
Bonus game
Bonus game over
It's Spider-Man!
Behind a crate, eh?

TurboGrafx-16 version

Mission 1 Map
Level 1-1
One of the kidnapped children is protected by the guard
The guard is going down
The arrow is telling you to move on
Level 1-2
Using some magic
Boss: Ken Oh
Map of Mission 2
Level 2-1
Level 2-2
Level 2-3
A bunch of Mandaras

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
These enemies respawn constantly so you need to keep moving
These hostages need to be rescued in order to proceed to the next level
You have to time your attack carefully as the boomerang flies back to the enemy
Holding the space bar and pressing up lets you jump up to the higher level
Ninjas cling on to the wall and drop on to you if you don't kill them first
When you've saved all the hostages you get a message telling you to make your way to the next level
The poster on the wall is similar to a certain famous blond
The first boss need to be hit between the eyes to kill him