Ship of the Line Screenshots

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Commodore 64 version

Starting a new game.
Encountering a ship on the water.
Engaging the ship in combat.
To the victor go the spoils.
Engaging three ships in combat.
Upon returning to port, a promotion is in order.
To get promoted you must pass a simple test.
Running out of food and water is fatal for the Captain.

ZX Spectrum version

The start of the game. The player takes on the lowest rank and must go and show Johnny Foreigner a thing or two
This is the ship the player commands
Now we're at sea. Sometimes it can take several screens before another ship is sighted. This time there's a squadron of seven straight away. Time to fight I think.
After a short delay the game displays explosions on the enemy ships
This cycle is repeated several times. The player loses men and uses resources, the enemy ships occasionally sink
When the order to fire is given the cutter's gun ports turn red
In the last turn there were still 45 men left, no indication that anything was amiss at all!.
The screen refreshes a few ties, each time showing less & less of the ship
So the game is replayed and a new ship sets out to sea. This is one of a number of calamities that can befall the ship
Having fought five ships and sunk three the navy made a tactical withdrawal. The enemy pursued so naturally they were fired upon
When heading home there are often a few delays thrown into the game so not to leave this action until too late
Excellent! the ship's supplies have been replenished. No promotion though.
Every now and then an enemy surrenders. These should probably be boarded and captured - something I missed