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Shock Trooper is a refined arcade adventure where you, as a fifth column shocktrooper, must infiltrate an alien base and free your captive mates. The complex has a very strong radiation field, which means you must keep on moving unless you want to die just from ambient radiation.

You carry a beam weapon, whose beam can extend across the entire screen. The longer you fire it, though, you expose yourself to more radiation. Use the weapon to destroy turrets and power generators which sustain force fields which block your way. Different hostile creatures will also patrol the complex and try to kill you. At certain locations, you are unable to use your gun. Beside that, the main component of the game is to use the platforms and lifts to get to the right place where you can shut off a generator so that you can reach the next generator whose forcefield shuts your path to your mates off.

At the end of each level, the radiation you have absorbed is removed, and you receive one of the aliens' secret TRG-5 attack saucer sub-assemblies which must be brought back to your allies.


Shock Trooper TRS-80 CoCo Intro screen (With "V" theme music playing)
Shock Trooper Dragon 32/64 Take the lift down to destroy the generator
Shock Trooper Dragon 32/64 Loading screen
Shock Trooper Dragon 32/64 Using the loooong blast

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At last - a game that uses the machine's capabilities fully. Dragon 32/64 drmarkb (39)

Critic Reviews

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) TRS-80 CoCo Apr, 1986 5.5 out of 10 55


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The author of this game (Rob Shaw) actually has a hidden key sequence (left in the game from testing) that allows you to be invincible. Since you can still get trapped by a robot, you also have the ability to turn it off so that you can die normally, to get out of such a situation.
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