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Neo GeoVideo Games (Aug, 1999)
In puncto Optik gehört es zweifelsohne zum besten, was je ein Third-Party-Hersteller auf dem Neo Geo zustande gebracht hat. Bei massig Feindaufkommen auf dem Screen geht die CPU zwar bisweilen etwas in die Knie, aber das ist auch meistens Eure Rettung. Also, Neo-Geo-Fans: Schultert die Kanonen und ballert Euch durch Hafen, Air Base, Villenbereich, Bahnhof, Raketenstation und Hauptquartier (insgesamt fünf Stages bis zum Ende - es gibt allerdings Abzweigungen) von D.I.C und legt Euch mir mächtiger Kriegsmaschinerie an. Soundtechnisch kann SF2 ebenfalls begeistern - ein erstklassiger Shooter also für Sammler und Exoten-Enthusiasten, die ihrem System weiterhin die Treue halten.
Neo GeoAll Game Guide (1998)
Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad is an example of highly refined gameplay. The developers have evidently studied all the great games of the past and come up with a game that emphasizes all their strong points while still remaining unique. All shooter fans will find Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad to be enjoyable.
Neo GeoDefunct Games (Mar 07, 2004)
If the original Shock Trooper was seemed like a remake of MERCS, then the second one feels like a lot of other games in the genre. What we have here is a great game, one of the best of it's genre, being tugged down by a complete lack of creativity.
WiiNintendo Life (Jan 08, 2013)
It seems most Neo Geo fans are split on which Shock Troopers titles is the better game, but it's difficult to ignore the increased speed and more aggressive style that 2nd Squad brings to the table. The ability to pilot vehicles and brandish the increased firepower they offer up gives the game some added punch, and the level designs are top notch as well. If you're a run-and-gun fan, it's certainly worth checking out either title, but when push comes to shove, 2nd Squad just feels that little bit meatier.
Neo GeoThe Video Game Critic (Nov 01, 2011)
The stage designs are lacking. In the first game you were constantly forging ahead, but here you tend to remain in one area as enemies are air-dropped all around you. Since you're constantly finding yourself completely surrounded, the evade button is your one saving grace. Sadly, it is assigned to the C button which is less-than-optimal. Another problem is the extreme slow-down, and we're talking about the single-player mode. Don't even think about playing this with two players. Shock Troopers 2 has some sharp-looking set pieces but if you're a fan of the first game this sequel is bound to disappoint.