Shooting Gallery Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The first game, shoot as much objects as possible within a certain time and with a certain amount of bullets.
Shoot the cowboys but don't hit the nice guys!
The Opening Screen
Info Screen
Help Screen
You can practice all 7 rounds
High Scores "Hall of Fame".
At the end of each round the player is given their score
Round 2 is a Skeet Shoot.
Round 3 is the Quick Draw. The first mouse click starts the timer, when the green night shows the player has to line up and hit the target.
Round 4 is Bombs and Bells. It's basically the same as the first round but with different symbols. When hit the steins break nicely, flowers spin and so on
Round 5 is the same as the second Skeet Shoot but with two targets
The shareware version only has six rounds and finishes after the Double Quick Draw.