Shrek the Third Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen follows the usual logos and animated introduction
The gift shop is open but at the start everything costs more than the player has available
The mini games are available to the player from the outset
The start of the game in story mode uses a puppet show to set the scene.
before Shrek can set out on his adventure to find a replacement king he must perform one royal duty. When he refuses he must battle his attendants
The player can always check the status of their game with the START key

PSP version

Main menu
Gift shop
Shot from intro movie
Loading screen
Tutorial “Shrek’s Rampage” in Royal Castle
Shrek uses his Ogre Power!
Level results
Cat and Shrek dialog in dock
Shrek uses a lever to open the catwalk door.
Cat gameplay
Shrek opens a treasure chest.
Shrek found page from the coloring story book.
Scene select screen
Shrek pushes a cage.
Storytelling movie
Donkey swats bandits.

Wii version

The Evil Queen casts a spell.
Fiona escapes the catacombs.
Shrek swats a pirate.
Shrek and Puss in Boots
Artie sneaks up on an ice dragon.
Shrek vs. the Evil Pinocchios
Shrek does some gardening.
A solid hit on an imposter!
Sleeping Beauty escapes Charming's prison.
Shrek and Merlin talk philosophy.
Fiona flees from Charming's thugs.