Multiplayer Diplomacy.Contributed by Technocrat (201) on Jun 06, 2002.

Well... this is sure a bug, but you can have a little control on other players' diplomacy when on Multiplayer (well, at least on PBEM and hotseat). If any human player is at war with a computer player, contact the latter and demand to make peace with the human player. If agreed, the peace treaty is signed automatically, without the consent of the human player! Even better, sometimes a Treaty or an Alliance are signed, also automatically and without the human player knowing it! This can be helpful for him/her, of course, unless he/she wants the war... and breaking treaties isn't good for your reputation.

Something similar happens on the Council screen. Sometimes, a member offers a bribe to you in exchange of voting him/her. But sometimes, a human player does it so, automatically, without consent of the player!

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