Sid Meier's Civilization II Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Set the difficulty for your game.
There are 21 civilizations you can choose from!
Starting the game 4000 B.C. with two settlers.
Founded the first city: Cardiff.
What discovery shall our wise men pursue?
Settlers are building roads around Cardiff.
Talking to the cordial Mongol emissary.
Info sheet for the Phalanx
This does not look good!
The people decide to recognize my enlightened leadership.
My troops have captured Karakorum.
The siege on Tenochtitlan is about to begin.
The production menu
These Horsemen gained veteran status.
The high council of the Celts is meeting in Cardiff.
The five advisors
The population of Swansea is happy.
Top five cities of the world
This is American territory.
Exploring the world with triremes.
The Celtic empire has now over ten million inhabitants.
World map
Selecting actions for the diplomat.
The silk caravan arrived in Königsberg.
A video is shown after completing a world wonder.
Defense minister
There's pollution around the city.
Units supported / Units present in Cardiff
A nice area for some new cities.
City view
Wonders of the world
Celtic demographics
Civilization score

Windows version

standard view - two tanks attacking San Francisco
standard city view - the capital
a look from above - tourists please notice Sun Tzu's War Academy and the other Wonders of the World
the spaceship - still under construction...
the civilopedea - Monotheism, what a concept!
a look at our army - isn't it impressing?
Civilization Score - still room for improvement
Choose your enemy limit
New settlers!
Iron processing is important
Some armies
Best cities to live.
Time to revolution!
Main hall.

My island

Windows 3.x version

Start of the game (Spanish language)
Playing the WWII scenario (Spanish language)