Side Arms Hyper Dyne Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
The action begins!
Power ups!
Special weapon in action.
Level 1: Bonus.
"Pows" give you an upgrade for your weaponry.
Level 2: Every thing's the same!
There are only three types of foes: jumpers, ships and centipedes + the only type of boss.
Level 2: Centipedes.
These nasties (I think I already said that) do not demote themselves from chasing you.
Level 2: 2nd monster.
The second monster is exactly the same as the 1st, the 3rd, 4th and 5th...
Level 3: Starting point. (wow what an excitement)
Level 3: Destroying something.
Let me guess... it could be one of two... hum... centipedes excluded (don't explode), so it must be either a jumper or a ship!
Level 3: Pandora Boxes.
Do not let these harmless looking white "boxes" fool you. They are hiding inside them... an hideous centipede! (brr...)
Level 4: Platoon of jumpers.
Level 4: Final Boss
Reaching its lair.
Level 4: Final Boss.
Its destruction.
Level 5: Starting point.
Never know where enemies are coming from.
Level 5: Armada.
Showdown:. Last monster
Intercepting the monster's laser beams.
Showdown: The end...
Again (as the DOS version) the game ends abruptly and goes directly to the title screen without any kind of message or ending...

Arcade version

Title Sceen.
Planet being destroyed.
Let's go.
Keep blasting.
Jumping men.
More sips to blast.
A boss to destroy.
Watch them bullets.
Keep blasting.
Cinematic: Starting the game.
Entering the infested planet. Type 1 humanoid prototype will appear at the lower part of the screen, type 2 at the upper.
Level 2:. Extraordinary armour
This is the ultimate armour. Maximum firepower.
Level 2: Entering dangerous territories.
The spread bolts are released independently from the chosen weapon.
Level 2: Wheel Turret.
This mega guardian will rotate spreading balls of plasma. Directing a laser bolt directly into its weak spot.
Level 2: Wheel Turret.
When attacked or destroyed it will release a chain of lightnings (without prejudice to the player).
Level 3: Crystals and Ice.
A lateral turret was destroyed.
Level 3: Moving passages.
The mechanical doorways can be destroyed for a safe passage.
Level 3: Final nemesis.
This armoured mech-type vehicle has just received the last deadly bolt. It's about to get destroyed.
Level 4: Missiles.
Level 4: Floating islands.
Beware to choose the right path, or you could become trapped in the landscape. Armoured walkers at the upper part of the island.
Level 4: Concentrated fire.
Like a flying ball of plasma, you bombard the enemies with bursts of bolts.
Level 4:.
That device resembling a mosquito will release a pack of missiles. The other structures are the final image of the Spectrum version and they were, I bet, inspired by Dogū statuettes.
Level 4: Another wheel turret.
Its carcass will become part of the scenario, while continuing to the next level.
Level 5: Tight.
Armadas, missiles, jumping walkers, narrow passages really make difficult the player's gaming here.
Level 5: Preparing to submerge.
45º bolt weapon.
Level 5: Submersible walkers.
Level 5: Macabre undersea.
A pack of bonus ships, although not inoffensive at all.
Level 5: Final "boss".
Emerging and facing the last guardian of this level.
Level 6: Going down again.
Level 6: Two armadas.
Two types of ships.
Level 6: Mosquito device.
The mosquito device was destroyed, but its tracking missiles will be a pain in the arse.
Level 6: Another type of weapon.
Level 6: Final mechanical Cephalopoda.
Level 7: Realm of lava?
The resulting bonus of a destroyed armada.
Level 7: Centipede.
These nasties are a real headache. They'll follow you until you bump yourself against some kind of danger.
Level 7: Turrets.
A centipede, a turret and a walker. Bursting the circular firepower.
Level 7: Looks familiar.
(Wasn't here that Anakim was left burning by his master Kenobi?)
Level 7: Destroying a centipede.
Bullseye at its head. More will come until its body is gone.
Level 7: Final guardian.
- I should have bought the manual to decipher the bonus icons....
Level 8: Arachnid scenario.
Resembles the realm of a giant mechanical arachnid and some intestines. But forget it, it's not... It's another Cephalopoda's (sight).
Level 8: Guardian.
- Kame-hame-haaaaa!!
Level 9: Clean.
A pack of orbiting bonus balls.
Level 9: Real armadas.
Sets of ships flying everywhere.
Level 9: Cardinal fire.
Level 9: Eyes of the Beholder.
They look like the heads of tapeworms, don't they? These ones are inoffensive.
Level 9: Penultimate guardian.
Is this a giant turtle? Or a turret-wheel trying to look like a giant turtle? This is too much for me.
Showdown: Mega-centipede.
Centipedes were already nasty, now imagine this giant firing packs of bolts from its head and tail...
Showdown: Almost finishing.
A few heads more and it's gone.
Showdown: The End!

Atari ST version

The title screen
Nice with power ups
Game start Intro 1
Game start Intro 2
There are five weapons: no 1
There are five weapons: no 2
There are five weapons: no 3
There are five weapons: no 4 (quite handy shooting satellites)
There are five weapons: no 5
Smooth scrolling and lots of enemies in level 1
Hopefully the shooting power is enough for boss no 1
Not only big, it also shoots back!
The boss explodes to a lot of power ups.
A short sequence of vertical scrolling.
There are many...
... too many!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Stage 1
Stage 2
Lots of power-ups
One upgrade is a transformation and enables you to shoot in two directions at once.
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

DOS version

Main menu & game credits
Selecting controls
The action begins
Under enemy attack!
Starting level 1.
Level 1: Final boss.
Level 2: Getting down.
What can I say? The graphics are extraordinary!
Level 2: Confusion.
A mess of enemies.
Level 2: Strawberry and Pow.
These "Pows" upgrade weaponry. That would be useful if this version allowed you to have any sort of gameplay.
Level 2: Final Boss.
Up is the way - Deja vu sensation... or a sensation of Deja vu?
Level 3: Starting point.
Getting up. I guess it's a...
Level 3: Gettin' up to the top.
Some sort of factories... I wonder how much this game would cost at that time...
Level 3: Triple weapon.
I have no idea why did they put some Atari St screenshots on the back cover of this version instead of IBM's...
Level 3: Some machines.
Some explosions...!
Level 3: Armada.
Finally I could decipher what I was shooting at.
Level 3: Final Boss.
That's what I always say... bullies have all the same looks.
Level 4: Transition to level 4, getting down again.
(I feel as if I am flying in circles... or is it a spiral? A spring maybe?)
Level 4: Starting point.
Wow! I wasn't expecting that! Are those things giant mushrooms or truffles?
Level 4: Triple weapon.
Making use of this absolutely fantastic weapon.
Level 4: Gravitational field.
Level 4: Final Boss.
Level 4: Final Boss.
Destroyed, back to the hell of Cephalopoda.
Level 5: Getting up again.
Phew, this is exhausting...
Level 5: More fantastic armadas.
I bet I've been here on another season!
Level 5: Sensation of already seen.
Blasting with another type of weapon.
Level 5: Blurred transition.
Level 5: Another type of unprecedented weapon.
Level 5: Last Boss.
And that's it, no congratulations, no narration of how great you were by destroying the forces of evil or continued playing till the end. Just back to the tile screen.

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title Screen
The Battle For Survival Has Started
First Area
Second Area
Nearing the Second Boss
The third level scrolls vertically.
This boss appears MANY MANY times.
Fourth Area
The other boss that appears MANY times.
Tricky, tricky maze!
Sixth Area, vertically scrolling.
He looks different, but his moves are familiar.
The lava isn't nearly as impressive as it appears in this screenshot.
Nearing the end of the game.
Find the Cow

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen.
Title menu.
Starting level 1.
Level 1: using bonus pieces.
Bonus are left when some type of enemies are destroyed. You can fire at them to change the sort of bonus you'll receive.
Level 1: Final Boss.
Transition to level 2.
Getting down.
Level 2: Starting point.
These foes can jump at you and they also fire. This one is preparing to jump.
Level 2: Special armada.
These are the type of ships that give you the mentioned bonus. Not that their looks are different from the others.
Level 2: Mechanical centipede.
These nasties will relentlessly follow you until you're framed.
Level 2: Final boss.
A gigantic wheel of turrets.
Transition to level 3.
Getting down.
Level 3: Starting point.
Level 3: Bonus ships.
I was being unfair some screenshots ago when I said bonus ships have all the same looks. It's false.
Level 3: final Boss.
Although ZX Spectrum has many faults, it is years of light more decent than IBM's.
Level 4: Starting point.
Centipedes and jumping soldiers.
Level 4: Centipede.
Wrapped centipedes surprise you with their unpredictable manoeuvres.
Level 4: Bonus ships destroyed.
Bonus ships are stationary and are constantly firing.
Level 4: Platoon.
These guys are also unpredictable when they suddenly appear from nowhere bellow the floor.
Level 4: Final Boss.
It's white instead of cyan.
Level 4: Final boss destroyed.
Level 5: Starting level.
A sort of Giger morbid scenario.
Level 5: Destroying the usual foes.
Level 5: Hit.
Level 5: Final Boss.
I think that all these bosses came from the same brood. Hey, this is just me saying.
Congratulations... ue...
By the way, this picture is present on a level in the arcade version and has nothing to do with the ending. I bet it was inspired by Dogū statuettes.