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The Official Nintendo Player's Guide (1987) - NES:

    RACK 'EM UP!

    Chalk up your favorite cue stick and challenge your friends to the ultimate game of skill... pool! It takes a pretty cool dude to sink the tough shots on this pool table because you need the right English and the right power on the stroke to make 'em drop. So sharpen your skills and see if you can hustle your way to the Data East Pool Tournament Finals.

    GAME PLAY: There are four game modes to choose from at this pool hall. The first is the one-man "Pocket Game" to sharpen your skills. The second is a training mode to show you the fine art of putting English on this cue ball and how to play the cushions for best effect. The third and fourth games are two-player games where you can let it all hang out and show your stuff. "Pocket Game" is for total points over five matches and "Nine Ball" is the popular game played in rotation where the first player to sink the Nine Ball wins. So put on your best pool hall duds and rack 'em up!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4617) on Mar 07, 2007.