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Side Pocket Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Stage 01.
Ready to break.
Taking the shot.
Next shot.
Can you pot a ball in the pocket with the star.
Nice and easy.
Should get the star pocket.
Cleared the table.
Stage 02.

Game Boy version

Title screen.
Game selection.
9-Ball game start: when preparing a shot, the "ghost ball" line marks where the white ball will go. The other balls are converted to numbers in order to make your planning easier.
A maximum power strike leading to sink ball 2.
Free ball means you can place the white ball at any place of the table.
Your current status during the game is shown by pressing the start button.
The results at the ending of a 9-Ball game.
Pocket game class board.
Sinking a ball in the pocket maked with a star will give you bonus gifts.
By sinking at the star you've earned 2 more tryes.
Pocket game result.
Bonus shots will be displayed after each game. This is the first and easiest one.
Game over...
The Club Master laughs at your failure...

Game Gear version

Title Screen.
Main Menu Screen.
Game Selection.
9-Ball game start: when preparing a shot, the "ghost ball" line marks where the white ball will go.
A maximum power strike.
Free ball means you can place the white ball at any place of the table.
9-Ball Game ended.
Pocket game class board. Starting at Club Class.
Each Class has its target score. This is Club Class target score.
Sinking a ball in the pocket marked with a star will give you bonus gifts.
When there's only one ball left, the message "ZONE" will appear over the board. You have to hit the zone marked pocket to gain bonus gifts.
By sinking at the zone you've earned 3 more tries.
Pocket game result.
At the ending of each class, this babe will give you the results.
If you clear the class, you move on to the next class.
Pocket game class board, the City Class.
The higher the class, the higher the target score: 4000 this time.
When you press button 2, the balls are converted to numbers in order to make your planning easier.
Sometimes the game will give you a "Super Ball" shot. A certain ball (generally the last one) starts to blink. If you hit it, it will speed up your ball, making it last more time moving.
If you fail to reach the next class, you are allowed to try again (keeping the lives you had at the end of the last game).
Before trying again, you are given to train a trick shot.
Here's a Trick Shot presented during the game.
City Class Clear!
At the ending of State Class you'll been put through a test, the Class Up Trick.
Up to Nation Class...
And finally, World Class.
The Trick Game: chose among 19 Trick Shots to clear.
An example of Trick Shot: how will you make balls 1 and 2 fall in those pockets without breaking the wine glasses?

Genesis version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Select your favorite music to hear and relax in Jukebox!
The Trick Game option works like a training mode: it's great to test your target and accuracy.
To complete the game, you must reach the target score of each city (starting by Los Angeles).
The match begins and the player plans the first move.
Putting maximum potence in the parquet block: more power, more chances to strike many balls in a row!
Sink a ball where the star appoints to earn some additional points or a passport to the "TRICK" bonus.
Preparing to sink the final ball: if you are really good, sink it where the "ZONE" mark appoints...
After a tough match, the total score will be processed: just wait and see... :-\
Reaching the goal score (or even surpassing it), you can move to the next city.
Map screen: riding a motorcycle, the player makes a "long" travel to the next challenge... :-D
Playing in 1-Player mode, you can recover some extra balls completing a Trick Game successfully.
"SUPER" move: hit the flashing ball with the white one to smash the other balls with extreme impact!
2-Player Match screen: both human players are represented by two black-tied guys.

NES version

Title screen (US version)
Title screen (Japanese version)
Let's begin the challenge!
Ready to break
The dotted line indicates the path of the cue ball when hit.
Level complete!
Can you make this bonus shot?
Get a ball in the pocket with a star for a chance at the trick shot bonus.
State master!
Trick shot; attempt to sink the all without breaking anything.
Game over

SNES version

Title screen.
A smiling young woman makes company to you in the menu screen. Nice to meet her!
It's song time in Jukebox option. Select one of many musics and relax observing the sunrise...
The Trick Game works like a training mode. Choose one of these 19 squares and test your target in the most diverse situations!
Trick Game demonstration: don't break nothing, OK?
Los Angeles is the first city to visit. Good luck and reach the goal!
The game begins: try strike many possible balls with one move!
Pay attention: sinking one ball in this (or in other) blue-star hole, you'll enter in a TRICK bonus game after you complete the level.
The last hole. Or better, the last holes!
After a very disputed game, it's time to see the total score!
Finally, the goal was reached. Congratulations! Other nice young woman? Hehehe... ;-)
The map shows the player moving to next stage.
These black-tied guys represent, respectively, P1 and P2 in 2-Player matches.
When "SUPER" appears, the white ball starts to flash and when hitted, it strikes the other balls with extreme power and speed!
If you are the best, complete this Challenge Stage with only ONE chance...

WonderSwan version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Selecting a player.
Pole vs. Tony
Cocky Riho before the match
Pool Table
Getting the numbers
Power bar in action
No ball in
Preparing a shot
Congrats! You got one in!
Pole Victory! :)
Rhio Defeat! :(
One win Pole.