Sideway: New York Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The map
Nox's girlfriend is missing.
Now he's out looking for her.
Suddenly he is sucked into another world.
Loading screen
Level overview
Starting out
Some dialogue
The camera rotates as we reach the edge.
Tags are used as platforms.
Killing a monster.
Up on the roof
Enemy getting splashed.
Pulling an object to get through.
These sprays are save zones.
Oh no, I got killed.
Jumping on their heads also works.
Using a cannon to reach a platform.
An air kick attack
These have to be knocked out before they can be killed.
Watch out for the thorns.
Lots of collectibles here
Enter the tag to move to the next level.
Level completed
Here Nox has to spray his own platforms.
Some kind of boss fight